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    Damascus and Pinecone

    Eye-catching! Very nice.
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    Horween Card wallets (ALL SOLD)

    I'll take #1, please, Frank.
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    Nitro V Utility Knife SOLD

    Handy looking design.
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    Heavy duty camper-SOLD

    Nicely done!
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    Stout little workhorse - SOLD

    A workhorse, indeed, Jack! Beautifully done. Its practicality is only exceeded by its good looks!
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    *SOLD*Small one in 80CrV2 and RWLB

    I'll take it, please! Paypal? Thanks
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    SOLD - Upswept EDC

    #3 please.
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    *SOLD*Cliff Minnow - LC200N, Ghost Jade, Titanium

    A very cool little knife!
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    Peasant knife

    Well done!
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    Damascus Puukko

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    Utility knife in Mammoth

    Another beauty, John!
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    I'll Take 80%

    Glad you're back, TK!!
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    Photos My first knife...

    Great design!
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    Carved Hawk on a tomahawk for sale

    Absolutely cool!
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    The 'Hemmingway' Skinner - Wenge

    A great design, beautifully done!
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    1095 camo hunter (SOLD)

    The camo aspect is perfect!
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    W2 drop point (SOLD)

    I'll take it, please, Jeremiah