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  1. Tait

    Anyone made a bakers Lame ?

    Same as Stacy - sharp tipped knife with a very narrow mico-bevel; I keep it sharp with a diamond rod - works great!
  2. Tait

    416 stainless heat treat

    So, would you heat treat the pivot pin on a slip joint? I am guessing not, but can't find it explicitly said either way...
  3. Tait

    My new book, Knifemaking Hacks

    Ordered! I'm a sucker for signed books. I look forward to getting it.
  4. Tait

    New Bump File Guides at New Size

    I'll take one, e-mail sent!
  5. Tait

    More nail nick issues

    Thanks for posting the pictures, that's very helpful.
  6. Tait

    New HT oven?

    Agreed! If you only ever want to make folders, it might be ok. I bought a 24, in retrospect would have been ok with an 18.5. Also, people seem to think the 240 heats up faster, which seems right since it has more watts of heating element. I have a 240 myself, and wouldn't want it to go any...
  7. Tait

    Carbon steel vs stainless steel

    Would that be do *NOT* let them sit wet?
  8. Tait

    i need help

    I respectfully disagree. It is directly on topic as I have had situations where a cobalt drill cut right through stuff that was eating up HSS drills. P.s. nice handle, I wanted ocelot, but it was taken...
  9. Tait

    i need help

    I don't see where anybody mentioned: quality cobalt drills do seem to outlast regular HSS
  10. Tait

    The wood fairy came today!

    I'm curious how y'all are cleaning them up? I have little bit of a hard time getting them flat...
  11. Tait

    Just a little advice on learning to HT on my own.

    One little surprise for me: I was wondering if my oven was drifting off temp and ended up buying a second thermocouple to test the first. Now I can't get to to red the same...
  12. Tait

    My New Anvil

    That's really cool. I've been trying to think of a way to showcase the fact that I do metalworking at my job. One of these would work really well for that purpose. Care to share the order in which you did things?
  13. Tait

    Garage Workshop

    My shop tour is here. I have one 16 ft wall and one 4 ft wall, works pretty well...
  14. Tait

    New Grinder Arriving - can I get recomendations for essential belts list?

    Some coarse belts. Salem's right: cubitron is great. Some medium belts Some gator belts Some 3m scotch brite type belts Some really narrow belts (1/2" x 72) for cleanup in tight areas
  15. Tait

    Question about specialization.

    I would imagine that you would get more repeat customers if there was a greater variety of well executed tools. My dad really liked the marking knives you did that were written up for a woodworking magazine... And that lead him to talking me into making him some of them and some other stuff as...
  16. Tait

    dry ice treatment

    Jim, Just a thought: If there's a hospital in town, oxygen is being delivered. The people who make oxygen end up with liquid nitrogen as a byproduct. Maybe you could either get some from the hospital or get the supplier to deliver when they deliver to the hospital?
  17. Tait

    dry ice treatment

    Got it. that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  18. Tait

    how to heat treat

    While you're waiting for tool steel to show up, you can practice with that piece...
  19. Tait

    Buying the best knife grinder for the money.

    To add to the comments... I bought mine because I didn't have the tooling. Even though I do now, I would buy again because it's put together nicely. On the other hand, if you enjoy machining and can thrown one together for $150, why not? If/when you get a commercial machine, you'll know...