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    Lionsteel ROK - New M390 Blade Lionsteel Solid Knife

    Lionsteel website states: "The blade is made of M390 steel from Bohler, obtained with powdering technology, with a 59-60 HRC hardness." Damascus Scrambled Chad Nichols So my guess would be aeb-l How would that compare with m390?
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    Lionsteel ROK - New M390 Blade Lionsteel Solid Knife

    Not that great honestly, the knife is big and heavy enough it will sit still but if you were to bend forwards enough, it will slide out. Haven't tried running with it or anything like that. I hope they keep evolving the concept to get a better working clip in the future as I do like the feature...
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    Lionsteel ROK - New M390 Blade Lionsteel Solid Knife

    Been carrying mine for a week and a half now, I really do like it. Feels great in the hand.
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    PHOTOS - Post your lionsteel pictures here!

    How do you like it?
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    Lion Steel Dom

    I bought the ebony version. There seems to be a strange uneven "shine" to the scales. Not sure if that's normal..
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    Recommendation? Best Value Front Flipper

    I just ordered a Romain Bignon 'MiniBib' It'll be my first front flipping knife... Anyone has any experience with this?
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    I haven't got it for a long time so only used it to open a couple of boxes with it so far. But I like it, action is smooth, ergos are great,.. But yeah the screws are a strange choice..
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    Is it just me

    I'm not too fussy as I'll be using and abusing my knives anyways, but when paying a lot of money it's normal to expect to receive something decent in return.. Only knife that I was disappointed with was a Mcusta Katana. Thing looked and handled like it was an antique already.
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Bought this because it has a few things I didn't have and found it interesting. It's a WE knife, wharncliffe, titanium, frame lock, flipper, etc
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    Do you guys use your most expensive knives?

    I'm not much of a collector, I just buy knives and put them all in a drawer and pick one out that I like to carry for the day, so I use all my knives. When a new one arrives it does take a while before I start using it though. I usually just look and play with them for a bit before getting used...
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    T.A.DAVISON - Slip Joint Knives

    Can't wait to receive mine :)