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  1. Tylerxp

    BM53 user Balisong super cheap

    I'll take it if still available.
  2. Tylerxp

    I want a spyderco

    If you could afford a little more, my EDC is a sage 2. It's simplicity and ergonomics are perfect for me. A close second is the paramilitary 2 if you want something a little bigger.
  3. Tylerxp

    Spyderco Sage 2 and Para 2

    I'll take the sage if its still available.
  4. Tylerxp

    Becker BK 9, Camilus BK77 and SOG seal pup Priced to sell.

    Well.. I've been waiting for a 9 to show up for a while.. missed it by an hour. Thirds?
  5. Tylerxp

    BNIB Spyderco Spin $30 shipped.

    I'll take it if the others fall though. Thanks.
  6. Tylerxp

    Nib kabar beckers cheap-

    I'll second if either of the bk9's fall through.
  7. Tylerxp

    Maxpedition and red dot sights

    Pm sent for maxpedition
  8. Tylerxp

    Sell me a BK-4.

    I got one a few weeks ago. As I took it out of the box and placed it in my hand I felt the need to use it. The family was surprised to come home to a fresh pile of fire wood. Probably because we don't have a fire place, and there are no trees in our back yard. I never liked that chair...
  9. Tylerxp

    Happy Birthday Ethan!

    And many moooooooore.