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  1. James Longstreet

    Any info on this One piece?

    I would say it's a Mountaineer I. I doubt that the kydex is from the shop. T my knowledge CRK never did a kydex for any OPK.
  2. James Longstreet

    Mountaineer II -> production date

    Not really. Of course, they may narrow it to a range of 2, 3 years. But dont expect too much. They did not take records of their production numbers and also not of the numbered pieces. That is the reason why they stopped numbering them. It just doesnt tell you anything if you dont keep track of...
  3. James Longstreet

    A ZZeal of ZZebras

    Well done, Scott! Thanks for your documentation.
  4. James Longstreet

    Wood inlay selection shrink?

    You nailed it. Excellent point!
  5. James Longstreet

    Wood inlay selection shrink?

    Just received confirmation from Tim today, that indeed they reduce standard wood inlay to 3 different inlays. According to Tim they are doing it to have more capacity for special runs. The official announcement will be done at Shot Show.
  6. James Longstreet

    Regular BG42 or Seb21 mammoth ivory?

    As CRK stopped using mammoth ivory, from a collectors standpoint I would go for mammoth. As said by the other members above, if you are looking for a user, you may prefer a BG42 Regular. Although not everybody is happy with BG42 for edc purpose, because its easier to maintain the edge with S30V...
  7. James Longstreet

    Shadow lll

    https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/chris-reeve-knives-history-timeline-to-date-blade-steel-timeline.639407/ Sorry Ajack. Didn't see that you already posted the link
  8. James Longstreet

    List of inlay materials used for Classic/21 Sebenza

    Thanks Richard! That zebrawood looks almost like mammoth bark. Awesome!
  9. James Longstreet

    phantom opk finally appeared.

    I am by far not the expert on OPK than nyefmaker and a few others. If you would turn the blade around and there is no "USA made", then the number and the hex cap indicate that it is made in South Africa (also early USA made OPK were numbered and could have a hex cap as those days were kinda...
  10. James Longstreet

    Some OPK History

    Thanks for sharing, Steven! In terms of stability, Chris took the hollow handle concept to the next level. 18-7.5, Survival, 04 by Jedi, auf Flickr 18-7.5, Survival, 05 by Jedi, auf Flickr 18-7.5, Survival, 07 by Jedi, auf Flickr
  11. James Longstreet

    Always considered trying a tanto. Now its time ...

    Thanks to many great members over here, who kept explaining that tanto blade style is useful for edc tasks and sharpening is nothing to be afraid about. After 3 times insingo blade at my edc Sebenza, this time I decided to give tanto a chance. 21, Plain Titanium, Tanto, 01 by Jedi, auf Flickr...
  12. James Longstreet

    Impinda slipjoint... as I see it (after 2 months of field use)

    Thanks a lot! As always, very informative and brilliant pics!
  13. James Longstreet

    The CRK Anticipation Thread - Show Your 'Inbound's!

    I wouldn't be too much concerned. Mammoth has been their top of the line and most expensive inlay material. Orders from dealers as well as direct orders from customers did have a long lead time, particularly with dammy blades.
  14. James Longstreet

    The CRK Anticipation Thread - Show Your 'Inbound's!

    Congratulations! I was wondering a bit about the date at the birthcard, October 2017, as CRK has announced in 2014, that they do not accept any new orders on mammoth inlays, due to the complicated regulations. Well. "Not taking any new orders" isn't the same as "not making them anymore"...
  15. James Longstreet

    Kinda disappointed with my Thuya Burl Damascus: school/sell me on Macassar Ebony

    Congrats! Show us that Bog Oak, once you have it inyour hands. Great choice!
  16. James Longstreet

    Kinda disappointed with my Thuya Burl Damascus: school/sell me on Macassar Ebony

    This is Macassar at an older 21. Birthdate is Februar 2012. Somewhere in that area Macassar was discontinued as an inlay material. 21, Macassar, Spirograph, 04 by Jedi, auf Flickr 21, Macassar, Spirograph, 10 by Jedi, auf Flickr In 2016 they did a major swap of wood inlays. Out of Box Elder...
  17. James Longstreet

    Photos The James Longstreet CRK picture thread library

    Recent Harsey-Reeve fixed blade thread added above.
  18. James Longstreet

    Amazing Reeve-Harsey military blades

    Let me add that putting this collection together would have been impossible without the help of a very good friend! Thanks a lot!