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  1. northingeasting

    Let's see your "tactical" Bucks

    Does it have to be designed for war, or does it count if it just accidentally found its way there? My early-80s 119: I carried this for a number of years on my pistol belt. The Buck sheath just didn't last so I picked up a replacement 'ballistic nylon' model that was being sold in the...
  2. northingeasting

    Georgia Beckerhaeds

    Fayette County!
  3. northingeasting

    Have your knives been through the laundry?

    My Case stockman makes regular trips through the wash cycle. I'm real lazy about emptying my pockets. My wife usually finds it in the dryer, as it starts to make the loud 'bang, bang' noise. The oddest thing I had go through the wash cycle was an HP 11C calculator. This was back in the days...
  4. northingeasting

    My $20 Eskabar

    These were going like hotcakes at the Ka-Bar booth for $40. I got there around noon on Saturday and made a beeline for the booth. All they had left was this one and the display model. It now sports a set of orange handle scales and on its way to becoming my favorite small fixed blade.
  5. northingeasting

    Zac Brown and Southern Grind

    I bought one at the Blade Show today. I'm a big fan of Zac Brown, but not because of his knives, or his music. Well, after today I'm a fan of his folders (his fixed blades seem to still need a little work). Zac Brown is an unpretentious individual who give back to the community at a level...
  6. northingeasting

    Which one Becker knife for would you pick for a 1 month survival excursion in the PNW

    Could I take ONLY one Becker blade? If that's the case the answer is simple - the BK-9. Could I mix and match with other maker's blades to come up with the best combination of tools? Then probably the BK-10. On either side of the BK-10 other manufacturers have blades that I just like better...
  7. northingeasting

    case bowie knife

    Interesting. Were you in the military at the time? Did you buy the set in the BX/PX or on the local economy?
  8. northingeasting

    My BK-16 saved my life...

    Learn from your experience. Three words: map, compass, GPS
  9. northingeasting

    My New Bk7

    Wow! I just caught this thread and I have to say, Moin, that you have no reason to feel inadequate because Beckers are hard to get in India. You are clearly doing quite well without them! And besides, Beckerhead is a state of mind, not a measure of accumulation.
  10. northingeasting

    Bloody decks

    Where did you put out of? San Diego? Man, that looks like fun! I would have opted for a longer blade, say a 105, but it looks like the 102 handled the chore perfectly.
  11. northingeasting

    New Buck coffee mugs

    The black mug has become my favorite coffee mug, and not just because it says 'Buck' on it. It is generously sized and has a very comfortable handle. It is simply a joy to drink coffee out of. The blue mug (which is definitely ceramic) makes a great pencil cup and adorns my desk at work where...
  12. northingeasting

    Walmart no longer carrying 119's, end of an era

    I noticed the same thing. Sadly, I think that even the mass market Bucks were too 'spendy' for WallyWorld's usual clientele. I've seen some of the Camillus products that replaced them and I'm not impressed. My guess is that Camillus is just about giving the knives to Wal-Mart in an effort to...
  13. northingeasting

    Ka-Bar Large Heavy Bowie, Ultimate Wilderness Survival Knife...?

    I think it's funny that all the Beckerheads (of which I am one) spin up in fits of ecstasy over the BK-7 and BK-9 while whistling right past this blade. I think it's a real sleeper in Ka-Bar's lineup. Hopefully not so much of a sleeper that it gets dropped from the product line!
  14. northingeasting

    Buck 119 tang type?

    No disrespect intended. I'm just a big believer in standardized and clearly understood terminology and definitions.
  15. northingeasting

    Beckerhead Jobs

    Hey, I resemble that remark! Senior GIS program coordinator and survey services manager for the world's busiest airport. I help our local Trimble account rep make his monthly mortgage payment :)
  16. northingeasting

    Buck 119 tang type?

    Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the 119 has a full length stick tang or concealed tang? Most knife collectors today take the term 'full tang' to indicate a tang that is fully as wide as the blade itself. For example, the Buck Alpha Hunter.
  17. northingeasting

    Breaking Blade news...no BS

    BK10? Someone mention a BK10? I'm already in line!
  18. northingeasting

    What's up with Hollywood and the 119?

    It looks scary. Let's ban it.
  19. northingeasting

    Best cold Steel

    I consider the Pendleton Hunter in VG-1 about the best small outdoor blade available for the price. Outstanding Japanese stainless steel, full tang, very comfortable handle, great blade shape for general use. Not too big, but just big enough. All for less than $55. The only drawback is the...
  20. northingeasting

    Any Downsides About The CS RoachBelly Or CRKT Drfter?

    For the price the Roach Belly can't be beat! I bought one to use in the field and my wife appropriated it for kitchen use. Cold Steel puts out a very nice line of low cost (but not 'cheap') knives using Krupp steel and molded handles. Their Pendleton Hunter Lite is another similar knife that...