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    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Tried the Grey and hated it, tried the Black and while it was tolerable it did strain my eyes so I came back to this default and bright format. Really like the updates so far, haven't tried everything yet.
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    Which thumb nail do you use to open your slip-joint?

    My 60+ years of experience tell me otherwise, my knife is in a ready to use position as soon as the blade opens, no repositioning needed. FWIW I also pull sheathed knives out with my right hand so the knife is ready to use immediately.
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    Which thumb nail do you use to open your slip-joint?

    Using my left thumbnail to open the blade leaves the knife in my right hand, properly positioned and ready to use.
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    Darn it!

    Had my Recruit sitting on the cargo mat of our SUV and accidentally knocked it off, the knife landed blade edge down on pretty coarse cement. The damage was a few pretty good dimples in the blade edge and of course some scrapes on the scales. Thanks to the softer, tougher steel Vic uses a few...
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    Happy with 'just' a Vic

    Totally agree, my Recruit has been my EDC since I bought it. I have an Alox Army1 and a Mauser/Victorinox but prefer the size and minimalist tool selection of the Recruit over either of those. My other knives are Bucks and Schrade Old Timer USA and they now sit in a box unused.
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    What knife have you carried the most this year?

    My handy Victorinox Recruit has everything I ever need for daily chores.
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    Favorite cellidor and alox SAK.

    Somewhat of a minimalist here: Celidor is my Recruit, Alox is my Army 1 (AKA Solo) and while you didn't ask, Nylon is my Mauser/Victorinox.
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    Anyone else waiting on USPS

    I've had no USPS issues here in the Denver Metro.
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    Recommendation? $700ish, what should I be looking at?

    I sure don't need a $700 knife for those tasks, any $20 ChiCom knockoff would the job.
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    Recommendation? $700ish, what should I be looking at?

    What's a Glock go for these days, much more reliable in a situation than any knife.
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    What SAK are ya totin' today?

    I've been carrying my Vic Recruit and keeping track of what blade/tool I actually use. Turns out I use the large blade about 99%, small blade 1% and screwdrivers/openers zip so I'm going to start carrying my Vic Alox Army 1 most of the time, only need the one blade apparently.
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    Do you ever feel that some struggle to find fault with certain knives?

    You're blurring the refusal to support Communist China with disliking the knives they produce. I happen to think that, just because I got the worst knife of my life from RR, too many others have received terrific knives to ignore the quality potential. I won't buy another not because I fear...
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    been putting my chef knife in the dishwasher for years... why bad?

    It takes a couple of minutes to hand wash a knife, why on earth would you want to put it a dishwasher and take any risk of damage to the blade or handle?
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    SK-5 flaking and breaking off while sharpening?

    Bevel too acute for that steel would be my guess. I'd also try for a warrantee replacement but wouldn't count on it - you broke, you own it - is the likely response.
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    Knife Mistake

    At most the tiny amount of oil residue on your blade might taste funny but it isn't going to hurt you.
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    P38 - when in need

    I don't carry one anymore, they have a nasty habit of opening in the worst locations at the worst times.
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    INDIA STONES???... Sharpening knives in the field??

    If I wanted to pack-carry a field sharpening kit I'd go with a couple of pieces of 1X2 and a few grades of Wet of Dry to wrap around the sticks and maybe a few elastic bands to hold the paper on the sticks. A second stick wrapped with thin leather if you want a strop. Lightweight, effective...
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    Slipjoint for your EDC?

    I carry in my front pocket, just have to be selective on overall length and thickness. I carry either a Vic Recruit, Vic Alox Army 1 or a Buck Canoe, the Canoe is probably the thickest of the three but still not uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure a back pocket carry would be uncomfortable to sit...
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    Slipjoint for your EDC?

    I've carried a slip joint since about 1956 near as I can remember. Since I learned how to properly use a knife back then I have never had one close on my fingers. I have always lived in an Urban or Suburban environment where sheathed knives are not very acceptable so I have always pocket...