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    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    I remember my friend getting that zt and thinking "thats a big strong folder" how things have changed ;)
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    Cold Steel Espada XL G10

    Putting a spring in its designed deflection zone does NOT decrease its strength! even if you left it for a year like that. Either bend it slightly out of its deflection range (chances are you will ruin it) or open and close the knife a couple of hundred times, this will losen the knife up and...
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    Italian 4max

    I my experience the Italian was a fraction better than the USA version's i have had 2 usa's that was a first and second gen, currently a proper user Italian and a brand new safe queen I got before the prices went nuts.....I also have a scout thats 95%+ as good as any of them. the only think I...
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    lock tight that cs use on various screws...and don't say blue!

    it looks like this nylon blue patch but it looks like you cant buy it as it comes already on the screws?
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    lock tight that cs use on various screws...and don't say blue!

    Yes it is blue! but not like any blue lock tight/seal i have ever owned? its more like a blob of rubberised thin paint? I wonder what it is or is it some commercial grade... I might be missing something here but have owned at least 5+ types over the last 25 years and are always like a thin...
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    Cold Steel Magnum Tanto XII is STUCK in sheath?

    You maybe right! can't complain i guess ;)
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    Cold Steel Magnum Tanto XII is STUCK in sheath?

    I really find some of these issues bizarre on here! from knives the get blunted in seconds (secure ex) to knives that get stuck to the point of a grown man being unable to remove it from a plastic sheath! Maybe I am just weird ;) I can buy a pair of shoes in size 10 and they fit without trying...
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    Just Got My American Lawman

    I think your exactly right. All of my triads (many many many!) get smoother but I really don't think the spring gets easier to use, I think people mistake this for the spring softening up. this is just my opinion but i would bet $50 (£35 if your in the UK!) on it
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    unfortunately I have to see gsm warranty process...

    I have only ever had to deal with spyderco, benchmade and strider! once.... many many moons ago. being in the UK and buying from the States its more hassle sometimes than its worth sending thing back. These days I think companies really need to be on game with customer service especially as we...
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    2021 Prices Are Out

    I am up for a AD20 at $425, but not a 4max in s35vn. with everything else out there simply not worth it. Italian 4max was well under 300... even at 300 I would say its not bad value. The scout at $80 is fantastic value... the price difference on the san mai and 3v tantos isn't much so people...
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    Return of the Recon Scout!

    I was really looking forward to the 3v offerings but not at custom prices and I am not even into custom knives! I thought the whole point of mass production was economy of scale :( personally I can't see these knives flying at those prices....
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    I Finally Want a Cold Steel

    Ultimate Hunter! light very high quality for the price. not overtly "tactical "
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    Lighter AD10

    A medium espada in xhp. that is g10 and has liners ;) you will have to hunt one down as not loads come up...
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    What floats your boat in 2021

    But until we know the street price i don't blame people for questioning.. we are talking custom knife prices for a mass produced knife. I don't profess to be a manufacturering expert but I bet the cost of 3v verses a2 vs o1 vs whatever is not a huge jump (enough to double the cost to the end...
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    Laredo Bowie

    I personally won't pick one up in 3v as its not built as a hard use knife with its construction of the handle (unless I missed something) so 3v IMHO is better suited to the trailmaster/recon scout.
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    2021 Prices Are Out

    I agree, if you want one of the new 3V ones this year I imagine is the time to buy it..... Now what do you do? wait till they discontinue and hope the prices fall? then risk not getting one? its a tightrope this knife game! ;)
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    How To Re- handling my Trailmaster

    Not a fan of "traditional" handles but that looks good, I hate it when people put a fat handle on a trailmaster. keep it slim like it was intended ;)
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    To be honest the scout is 95% as good as its more expensive brother for 99.9999% of everything. saying that I have two Italian versions... lost a USA version! and one scout!
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    2021 Prices Are Out

    3v seems pricy, but let's see what they hit the dealers for... you really can get a custom made for those prices! but a 3v kukri! that has to be the best hard use knife ever made surely???
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    Interesting new vid from Cold Steel

    Who is the mystery "guy with the stick"? ;)