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  1. coinbuysell

    Howdy HOGS! Anyone from Lubbock Texas? I'm moving there!

    All of my wife's family went to Tech and so did my daughter, I looked at it but decided on another college. I also have some friends that went there and they all loved it. It is a weird town but everyone that I know that has been there would go back.
  2. coinbuysell

    Most heavy duty key chain knives?

    this, you wouldn't believe what I have done with this little knife
  3. coinbuysell


    me, too...got mine today (or I guess it was yesterday since it is after midnight) and can't wait for it to get here :thumbsup:
  4. coinbuysell

    Determining value: When does a knife cost too much?

    I carry and use my Scarab and and crk's, that is what they are for
  5. coinbuysell

    lionSteel Beerlow

    Man, give it a rest! You have made it perfectly clear how you feel and the mods said it fits in this forum. Mike went well out of his way to help produce this year's forum knife so maybe you should show a little respect.
  6. coinbuysell

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    Been trying to hold out but got a little cash from my in-laws so I am in for a 3v with black micarta, I will let you know whether buffed or not when we confirm. Merry Christmas all! EDIT: lets try unbuffed on this worker emailed paid
  7. coinbuysell

    TAD Dauntless MK-2 & Kizer Ti Gemini

    Dauntless sold and paid...thanks @Jordan C and BF!
  8. coinbuysell

    TAD Dauntless MK-2 & Kizer Ti Gemini

    I have a nice Kizer Lconico Gemini with contoured Ti handle and S35VN blade. I am not the first owner but it looks new with a few fingerprints on the show side. Comes with everything pictured, zipper pouch, original inner and outer box and cloth. $130 Paypal G&S with me covering the fees and...
  9. coinbuysell

    TAD Dauntless MK-2 & Kizer Ti Gemini

    I have a gently used TAD Dauntless MK-2 with OD Green G-10 and S30V blade. I am not the first owner and it has been carried, see the snail trails on the Ti side, and it looks like it has also been sharpened due to the mirror edge. Blade is very clean so it has not actually cut much of...
  10. coinbuysell

    BF2020 Viper Swayback Discuss Thread

    I was kind of hoping that I would not like one of them so it would be easier for me to sell or trade but no....I like them both. Sorry for the bad pics but it was already dark when I got home so they are on the kitchen island. Thanks Mike!
  11. coinbuysell

    BF2020 Viper Swayback Discuss Thread

    I like both of these, hopefully at least one of mine will have the darker scales...will know tomorrow.
  12. coinbuysell

    Microtech Scarab II + G&G Hawk Deadlock

    Seconds in the unlikely event something falls through
  13. coinbuysell

    When did Koenig get so expensive?

    They are the new hot girl in school, nice with smooth lines and good action ;) Give it a few months, maybe a year at most, and a new hottie will move in and the exchange will be full of them.
  14. coinbuysell

    Attention BF2020 Away We Go - Books are closed

    Thanks @knifeswapper , also got my notice today...you did a great job getting these across the finish line before Thanksgiving!
  15. coinbuysell

    R.I.P. Alex Trebek

    He passed away at 80 from pancreatic cancer this morning. My MIL died from the same thing and it is arguably the worst cancer, even celebrities cannot beat it. "Trebek for decades had been the foundation of “Jeopardy!,” one the most popular game shows in television history. He was known for...
  16. coinbuysell

    CPK Pet Thread

    That looks painful AF. It's always the "little" ones that hurt the most!
  17. coinbuysell

    CPK Pet Thread

    I got up to get some more water and peanuts and look who finally moved. Sorry for the white leg shot, all of the lock downs kept us at home all summer.
  18. coinbuysell

    2 Stainless kitchen utility knives

    Do you still have one available?