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  1. Bladite

    Who else uses a scythe?

    i am looking forward to once again attempting to master the edge on my scythes... got the slow powered water wheel. time. a variety of found blades, one bought local at ACE (common hard steel) none of them good at grass, but weeds, wheat, brambles, that's good. esp raspberry and prickers...
  2. Bladite

    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    hey guys, Bladite here, #1 most loyal fan amirite? doinrite? the last year or so has been rought on a lot of us... even prior to that markets are such that "meh", companies do what they need to do my last job or so has been toxic, and required a lot of my time and emotional energy to...
  3. Bladite

    What is Grivory?

    so, considering 3D printing, and grivory/zytel as a replacement for the material in the crkt.com/provoke.html ... no problem everyday to full combat... unless you are a top 1% knife fighter: cool :D that said, i want both
  4. Bladite

    Off Topic Not even a snark-wide pandemic can keep us down...

    i mourn the loss of your step brothers :D my own brother pulled stunts like this, even to the point of selling MY stuff to his friends for a couple bucks. at that point, i knew the game and got MOST back. my parents didn't care until i made them ;) fear of god put into brother. still, once...
  5. Bladite

    Discontinued Becker knives

    sprint runs, made by rowen iirc, other than the supply of handles, completely independent of camillus / kabar afaik, and after market handles can be a thing. good knife. trying to recall if i had a user now.
  6. Bladite

    Design Merits and value of BK62

    buy one and shorten it? :D
  7. Bladite

    Becker BK5 Kniven

    love the chicken peeler :D
  8. Bladite

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    the other day i learned about vodka minnows - saving all your spare bait fish, and soaking them in food grade alcohol (cheap), and then freezing them - apparently keeps them quite "juicy" and pliable for (esp) winter fishing...
  9. Bladite

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    https://www.theverge.com/transportation/2018/2/22/17041672/husqvarna-401-svartpilen-vitpilen-interview-maxime-thouvenin you might like that
  10. Bladite


    i'm also reminded of the series of posts from "some time ago" here on the BK forum, "some guy" took his lawn mower apart with a BK2 - hammer might have been involved :D
  11. Bladite


    i think a hammer violates the warranty anyway... i'm honestly surprised how many of y'all don't have actual froes... purpose designed to rive wood, with a stout hickory club. thicker than any BK and tempered for the job i keep one of various types near the woodstove. they makes them in...
  12. Bladite

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    ah, svartpilen 701. i bought the 401 a few years ago.
  13. Bladite

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    also, they are quite long, one about 38 inches. they were used for pins and rods and things for old wood trestle type bridges, covered bridges, etc
  14. Bladite

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    good kit :D i have a large variety of those... largest two have 4 inch wide augers :D milwalkee still make a decent version or three too
  15. Bladite

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    no singing
  16. Bladite

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    after a super wet period (month +), and a week long cold snap, i'd say Fall fell, leaves car ch-ch-ch-changing... i put out water in birb baths - each hold about a gallon. seems we hit a dry spell, and the only source of water within a few many hundred yards is my place. the birds are hitting...
  17. Bladite

    Becker BK5 Kniven

    never could understand when "family" takes your stuff, or changes it, or whatever... ain't right. they get mad if i took $200 out of their wallet? :D let's find out ;)
  18. Bladite

    Broken BK7

    holy necro thread. if you're going to abuse a knife, at least choose one with a warranty :D
  19. Bladite

    Been gone...Way too long....

    he comes he goes. i'll be calling him soon.
  20. Bladite

    Becker Parang BKBP

    iirc, for some of the zombie choppers, it was a way to offer some classic patterns without breaking the bank, or naming names. the case pilot extraction tool was one of those "fo sho"