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  1. biggerjon

    Review Thoughts From a User New To CRK

    Thank you for the update! This was an awesome read. I am glad you found 'the one' and are still enjoying it.
  2. biggerjon

    Inksingo and the Lansky

    Nice work! I need to get a sharpening system.
  3. biggerjon

    DPx Gear HEST/F Urban

    I am not looking for anything special. What do you have?
  4. biggerjon

    WTT Small Sebenza 21 Micarta

  5. biggerjon

    DPx Gear HEST/F Urban

    Up for sale is my like new, with no box or papers, DPx Gear HEST/F Urban. This was an exclusive to a certain USA site. I received it recently and I like it, but it is just a little too small for my tastes. $300 or best offer. Trades are welcomed.
  6. biggerjon

    My first CRK - Small Sebenza 31 S45VN

    Congrats on the new knife!
  7. biggerjon

    Post your CRK carry knife for today.

    I just got her in the mail yesterday!
  8. biggerjon

    Two new Sebenza additions to the family

    Congrats on your growing collection. They are all beautiful!
  9. biggerjon

    DPX Gear Hest Urban... Rare

    Up for sale is my like new, with no box, DPX Gear Hest Urban from Usamadeblades. This is their Battle Stars and Stripes model. There is one blemish on the knife. There is a small black mark on the pivot. No idea how it got there. I received this recently and was told it was new. There are...
  10. biggerjon

    Sebenza 31 S45VN's are out

    Pretty cool!
  11. biggerjon

    Sold Brown Knives Cortex

    More pictures please.
  12. biggerjon

    Recommendation? Endela or Delica

    DLT has a 20CV exclusive in a red and black zome handle. I'm sure someone must make some aftermarket scales for you.