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  1. J

    Seiko Turtle SRP777

    For sale is a gently used Seiko Turtle model SRP777 with a Crafter Blue fitted rubber strap. $290 shipped, US / PayPal only. Please reply and DM to buy, no trades I have worn this watch a couple dozen times in the two years I have owned it and it runs great often keeping within five seconds...
  2. J

    Seiko Turtle w/Crafter Blue

    For sale is a Seiko “turtle” SRP777 on a Crafter Blue CB08 natural rubber strap. This watch has been owned for about 3 years and worn once a month or so, it shows light wear typical of that. The 4R36 movement keeps very good time (usually within 10 seconds a day) and lume is excellent...
  3. J

    Stretch with V-toku2 steel? Buy / pass

    If you’re still looking at getting one I could probably part with mine for a reasonable price, looks like I can’t PM you but let me know if you want to discuss and we can get in touch.
  4. J

    Looking for a Members Contact Info

    Hope this is the right forum, trying to contact @lamarrblade ... I sold him a watch the other day and can’t find shipping info for him. If anyone has contact information for him please let me know, I tried messaging and emailing him as well as posting on his profile but can’t get a hold of him...
  5. J

    Kershaw US-made folders - overall direction?

    It’s a shame they went the cheap/easy route with assisted and 420HC for most Links etc, most people here dislike assisted and it’s more geared to the tacticool crowd who also buy knives with gun makers names on them. As a public service...the ZT website is not their brand name.com That will...
  6. J

    Stretch with V-toku2 steel? Buy / pass

    It’s a sprint run from a few years ago, I have one myself. It’s an excellent high carbon steel with tungsten carbides, will rust if left wet but shows a nice patina if cared for. Being a low alloy high carbon steel it takes a great edge very finely and holds it a moderate amount of time, works...
  7. J

    Recommendation? Dream knife has 8Cr13MoV blade. Alternatives?

    With that company you are lucky to get 3Cr or 5Cr, you are also not halfway unlikely to get steel more along the lines of what you would see in flatware, 18-8 etc.
  8. J

    Kershaw US-made folders - overall direction?

    It seems like the expansion of the ZT line is growing into the segment once occupied by US Kershaw models, especially the upper end models in the $100s (adjusted to 2021 pricing more like $200). Remember also that the head of sales of Kai US has a massive ego and really doesn’t care what the...
  9. J

    Luminox Scott Cassel Diver

    Payment received, need shipping info
  10. J

    S30V, S90V or rex 45 native chief?

    Rex 45 has slightly less vanadium carbide than S30V but also has tungsten and molybdenum carbides as well, it is also lower in carbon overall and is a totally different type of alloy. The SxxV steels are all stainless and primarily vanadium carbide (hence the sharpening challenges), S90V is...
  11. J

    Spyderco AUS-8

    S60V comes to mind...although it’s apparently being made again.
  12. J

    Luminox Scott Cassel Diver

    For sale is a lightly used Luminox 1551 Scott Cassel “Sea Wolves” edition diver. This watch has been worn about 10 times total and has only minimal wear, a few marks but nothing of significance. 45mm Carbonox (CFRP) case, sapphire crystal, steel case back and crown lock. It is a Ronda...
  13. J

    Maxamet Care?

    It’s not as rust prone as carbon steel but it will rust if exposed to moisture for time. There is some chromium, but it is not there for rust resistance, it’s there for hardenability.
  14. J

    The K390 Thread - Photos and Experiences

    That’s a great way to say it, it has almost as much edge retention without the downsides like being so brittle. I would imagine that it is easier to work with as well for the maker.
  15. J

    Do we know what kind of Titanium Spyerco uses?

    I believe 6AL4V is a literal explanation of the composition also, 90% Ti/6% Al/4% V.
  16. J

    Ever get people on the street that flip because you have a knife?

    No, but I live in Texas (suburban but still Texas). What will cause people issues more here is open carry of sidearms, it’s legal as of about 4 years ago but mostly people who choose to do so in DFW are doing so for their own agenda/statement not any practical purpose. Local PDs have had more...
  17. J

    Which sprint run steel do you want most?

    I remember someone who knows (maybe it was Sal?) on the official Spyderco forum posting some time ago that Bohler only makes one K390 batch per year, I wonder if it is similar with Hitachi and ZDP? The market for ZDP is extremely limited, it’s not used for anything except knives, usually...