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    What Buck are you carrying today?

    I haven't carried this one in years, but I've been motivated to put it on my belt for a few days. Based on my research, and knowing about when and where I originally bought it, I'm sure it's a version 5 variation 4 from 1974, and thus one of the first of the two-dots. That's based on the usual...
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    The Bucklock 532 was introduced in 1991. This is a 1991 model and is marked "PAT. PEND." I understand* that the first 1100 pieces shipped had misaligned filework and the birchwood covers were cut differently so that the laminations were not obvious, so this is not one from that batch. Still...
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    Buck 112 Blade Shapes

    I just compared my 112LT with my 2020 112FG. The blades are almost exactly the same shape. If anything, the LT is ever so slightly wider from spine to edge, at least toward the tang end of the blade.
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    Photos Exquisite Natural Covers

    A pair of 'rats: S&M fire oak bone; Case deep canyon jigged calypso bone.
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    The Pathfinder Club - Members Only!

    <!!!!!> :cool:
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    Traditional mug shots

    Great photo!
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    Coffee mug or tea cup

    The Victor coffee mug history was interesting, and it made me get this one out to check -- it was the favorite of my father, who passed away about 20 years ago, and who used it every day for as long as I can remember. It's not a Victor, but is marked Sterling Vitrified China East Liverpool...
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    Coffee mug or tea cup

    I've been doing a little genealogy research on and off for several years. About a year and a half ago I learned about the location of some property (a 160 acre parcel) that was owned by my great-great-great-great grandparents. Since it is only about 50 miles away and still very much in...
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    Anyone else love stockmans?

    There was a time when, to me, "pocket knife" meant a stockman pattern and nothing else -- although I don't think I even knew that it was called that. I've since expanded my appreciation of knives greatly. :p I do have several stockmans in my "collection," my latest acquisition being this 1988...
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    Anyone else love stockmans?

    Somewhere I read that the stockman pattern is designed that way intentionally so that the sheepsfoot blade can be pinched open, even when wearing gloves. Makes sense given that it was designed to be a "working man's knife."
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    Let's see your Case knives, old to new.

    I have a 6347 stockman from 1988 with the same bone and jigging, including the very squared-off edges of the covers. It makes for a very striking look. As soon as I saw it in the local knife shop I knew I just HAD to have it!
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    Let's see your pipe collection

    When I was in graduate school I took up pipe smoking. One of my professors accused me of trying to look "professorial". (There was probably something to that.) I had a friend who also smoked a pipe, so we formed a little, informal pipe club. (Just the two of us.) One of the lab technicians...
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    Trying to date my Grandads SAK

    I got a couple to open. Looks like the main blade is so thin as a result of lots of sharpening. Probably looked a lot like today's SAKs when it was new. The "umbrella" is a crossbow, I believe. Regarding the two "bottle openers," the one with "+PAT" is a can opener. I think the "small nail...
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    102 CLUB

    Sign me up!
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    Let's see your Case knives, old to new.

    I found this very nice pancake sheath recently, made by a local craftsman. It's a perfect fit for my Tribal Locks, so now I carry one most everywhere. Today's carry was my whiskey bone CV along with my Case Select Whancliffe mini-trapper in a pocket slip.
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    Shortwave Radio?

    Thought I would wake this thread up again. For those who might be interested in shortwave (and frequencies above and below), I just bought an SDR receiver (Software Defined Radio) and it is fantastic! It brings a whole new listening experience -- being able to see a significant slice of...
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    Who still carries a Case Knife?

    Oh, that is stunning!