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  1. Cypress

    The K390 Thread - Photos and Experiences

    K390 is the best steel currently available in production knives. I bought a Mule Team 17 the minute they dropped back in the day. That knife became my go-to kitchen beater. It’s seen more abuse than any knife I’ve owned and it’s still going strong, even though I’ve had to thin the blade behind...
  2. Cypress

    Recommendation? Custom Shop Barrage

    I had desert tan with horizontal texturing. They weren’t overly grippy, but the bulk of the “grip” on the Barrage comes from the shape of the handle.
  3. Cypress

    Recommendation? Custom Shop Barrage

    I had a Mini Barrage from the custom shop. It had G10 handles and M4 steel. The coating scratches/wears off quite quickly. I find M4 to be much better than 20CV in use. Benchmade’s 20CV isn’t optimized for the type of steel it is, as they run it too soft to really bring out what it’s capable of...
  4. Cypress

    New 945BK-1 Edge Asymetrical?

    Perfect? it’s this mentality that allows Benchmade to keep selling sub-Kershaw quality at midtech prices.
  5. Cypress

    Mini Bugout Edge Grind Question

    You’d think ;) People have been complaining about QC for years, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. It seems like one out of every seven threads in this subforum is someone inquiring about a QC issue, and the Benchmade rep will occasionally chime in with “I will pass this along to the correct...
  6. Cypress

    Mini Bugout Edge Grind Question

    Classic Benchmade “left beef” edge. Super common. Just sharpen the nonsense out.
  7. Cypress

    new service pricing structure

    The Custom Shop charges $30 to upgrade a standard S30V Griptilian to S90V. If Benchmade is constant in their math (that’ll be the day) that would make an S90V replacement blade $120...which is roughly the same price as an entire Spyderco Native 5 in S90V :rolleyes:
  8. Cypress

    new service pricing structure

    Uhhh. What? $90 for an S30V blade? You can buy wholeass knives in S30V for $40. If this is legit, I’m 100% done with Benchmade. I use an M4 Griptilian as a work knife because I could get it rebladed.
  9. Cypress

    Cheapest place to buy a Bugout these days?

    The Exchange section of these forums.
  10. Cypress

    2021 releases

    Be wary of whatever Benchmade claims. Independent testers have shown that BM's M390 is as hard or harder (59.6 HRc) than their 20CV. The Anthem blades are consistently tested around 57 HRc. Given the 3V debacle and the Anthem softness, I'm surprised anyone believes Benchmade's numbers at all.
  11. Cypress

    535-2002 BHQ Bugout - Did ya'll even try?

    Neither coating is robust. In my experience the Cerakote wears off even faster than the "normal" coating. The Cerakote on my M4 550 is about as wear resistant as spraypaint.
  12. Cypress

    2021 New knives

    The Claymore blade looks like it got copied from the AFOII, then they decided to model the handle after one of those cheap gas-station fixed blades.
  13. Cypress

    Another Lifesharp Mulligan

    That’s atrocious! The only knife I’ve had BM sharpen was my Infidel because of the chisel grind. It came back to me with a rainbow-colored tip (overheated/ruined), but nothing butchered like that!
  14. Cypress

    Another Lifesharp Mulligan

    I sent two knives in to have the blades replaced (much needed) a little over a month ago so I figured I’d share my experience. I’ve done this several times before and it’s nice to be able to get new blades on knives that have reached the end of their “life” on the sharpening bench. I tend to...
  15. Cypress

    Saddle Mountain Skinner sheath Revision?

    Generally, Benchmade will sell you sheaths. Last I checked they were $50 (162 and 140 models). You should also look into the aftermarket to see if there are any sheaths being made by smaller companies.
  16. Cypress

    Benchmade Elishewitz fixed blade

    As @dogboye said, the G10 is just less grippy. And that thumb-lock sheath is the one I was referring to. My “lock” wore out in a matter of months and it took nothing to override it. I much prefer the (now) standard nylon sheath. If OP’s knife is the M2 version, it’d be extra rare because it’s a...
  17. Cypress

    Benchmade Elishewitz fixed blade

    It’s an older Nimravus. They came with G10 before the went to Al. The G10 version may come with a “locking” plastic sheath (it sucks, per usual with BM sheaths). I’ve had both. The Al handles with the standard nylon sheath is the one to have. $250 is way too much for that knife. A new one with...
  18. Cypress

    (SOLD)Microtech Combat Troodon S/E

    Chasing other knives, so this one needs a new owner. I bought this in February of this year and carried it a bit. The photos tell all. Microtech does a good job on their edges, but I can do better, so I sharpened it (you won’t be disappointed). Action has been tuned by me (polishing some...