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    What are the differences of the 85 and 87??

    Could I send in my 87 and get it changed to an 85 blade?
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    Recent Benchmade Quality?

    I recently bought both the 575GY-2001 and the 575SGY-2001 and both are fairly stiff, even after wet-sand polishing the spacers on both... Worked both for a couple hours and while the snap open just fine, flipping them back in isn't that smooth. I may just need to polish them further, but they...
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    Contego with big 943 clip point wanted

    Big 'ole clip point... I like it! However, the # after the dash usually represents the year / special model # of that series for that particular year. Maybe 813? (940 vs 943?) Either way, I'd probably get one.
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    Benchmade 15500-1 Meat Crafter

    Which way does this fold? :D
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    No more new product announcements?

    Thank, Jimmy! Sarcasm aside, it does seem like there are a fair amount of releases where I'm looking at it, saying to myself, "who is asking for this??". I understand that me (we) are a small part of your clientele here on the forums, probably, and don't see the big picture, but I, for one...
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    No more new product announcements?

    But... but... but... What if it has a built in cigar cutter? And a compass in the stock?? And this... THING which tells time?!?!
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    Why was the 710 discontinued?

    It is an excellent model. I'm glad I got the knife works exclusive in M390 (to match my 810 & 940 from them as well). A classic design that can appeal to many tastes.
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    When is the Mini 940 coming out ?

    I agree... Other than driving up cost, I don't understand the point of autos or even assisted, and I say that with owning 3 barrages (one of my favorite models). I can flip open any of my axis knives, either by thumbstud or retracting the axis bar and flipping, as fast as any auto or assisted...
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    When is the Mini 940 coming out ?

    940 / 945 should absolutely be in the custom shop. I'd buy a matching pair today.
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    535-1901 Bugout with 20CV and G10 is here

    Nah, they'd integrate a cigar cutter into the design and put sapphire thumbstuds on and make it $1500.
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    Contego or Adamas?

    Check the Contego exclusive(s) from Knifeworks. $140 on sale now for either the black/blue or black/gray option. G10 on full-steel liners (not squeezing anything by hand there...) and M390 steel (no coating) plus the handle edges are rounded out more than original 810 for those with delicate...
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    Announcing the NEW 15080BK-191 Gold Class Crooked River!

    For me, it's that tinkering hobby aspect of it where I want to get that pivot adjustment just right where the blade is locked up solid when deployed, swings freely and smoothly, is centered up and no movement when closed... you know, the way they should be from the factory. It's a personal...
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    Recommendation, mini barrage vs mini (edit) presidio 2 axis

    I have heard they will do it for you, but it is also doable on your own. Get a nice little Torx bit set (T6, T10 on that one, I believe) and check a YouTube video for reference - I know there's a few. It's way easier to de-assist then re-assist hehe. G10 gives the handles a nice solid feel.
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    Recommendation, mini barrage vs mini (edit) presidio 2 axis

    Mini-grip is actually quite a bit smaller than the mini-presidio II. The full-size grip actually compares closer to the mini-presidio, so if you're going for that size range, I'd skip the mini-grip, personally. The mini-presidio II is one of my favorites as far as axis flipping goes. Of...
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    Will Benchmade ever give up on assisted axis locks?

    My first Benchmade was a Barrage and I have bought 2 more since then (amongst a dozen or so other Benchmades) and I prefer the non-assisted variants, even though I love the Barrage in general. I keep my original Barrage assisted, but have de-assisted the other two. I can open any of my...
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    Announcing the NEW 3400 Autocrat!

    Satin is only $480... hah. Maybe they've got some new G&G-like tech to completely lock up the blades in their new OTF and just forgot to mention it?
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    Benchmade 781 Anthem?

    I think the whole point of the Anthem IS the single-piece titanium body... not that they couldn't do it in another material, but then it'd be a different knife altogether, I think.
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    940-1 or mini crooked river

    I've handled the crooked river(s) numerous times, but haven't had the desire to buy one. I DO own several 940s, including the -1 and it's easily one of my favorite knives!