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  1. babykujo

    2020 GEC #74 Mustang Thread

    What Case knife is most similar to the 74?
  2. babykujo

    2020 GEC #33 Conductor Thread

    Crummy pictures! I wish I could take pics half that good! :)
  3. babykujo

    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    Rough Rider. The new thing?
  4. babykujo

    #35 Beer and Sausage Bar Tool Knife

    They will be all over there in a few days. :)
  5. babykujo

    Guardians of The Lambsfoot!

    Glad to see this page is back! I've been a lurker for some time and am still working on getting my first lambfoot knife. Kind of hard after scrolling through the many beautiful pics to make a decision. :)
  6. babykujo

    Schrade collection

    Looks like we'll never get to see them. :( Bet his email is lighting up now. :)
  7. babykujo

    'Tis a Giveaway!!!

    This was a great giveaway! Loved all the pictures of fantastic knives!!
  8. babykujo

    Schrade collection

    Yes, we need pictures. Lots and lots of pictures!
  9. babykujo

    Please help identify!

    Waiting for pics. :)
  10. babykujo

    Whatcha got on order? (Traditional Knives Only)

    looks like I'm finally going to get my hands on a 33 conductor! Looking forward to this one very much.
  11. babykujo

    FS: GEC 33's

    I would like the Conductor please.
  12. babykujo

    Another sharpening post? Suggestions

    I just want my knife to be able to cut when I need it to. Works great on the knives I actually use and don't care if they break and fall apart in my hands. Rough Riders, Buck, Gerber, Case..etc.
  13. babykujo

    Another sharpening post? Suggestions

    This works great and was only $8
  14. babykujo

    Suprised at what they are carrying

    You know we all love to look at them! And some of us still buy them to play with... :)
  15. babykujo


    223 for me! :)
  16. babykujo

    Recommendation? Pocket sharpener

    What's wrong with just keeping it simple with something like this?
  17. babykujo

    What happened to Case?

    Mongrel's do make the best squirrel hunting dogs in my opinion. :thumbsup:
  18. babykujo

    New way of asking an old question

    I would like to see a real torture test on one of these knives! :)