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  1. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    Hmmm... in a way, I got a reply from this Mr John Kim "body-armor" from eBay, he left me a negative feedback because I paid and he kept the money and did not sell the stuff... he seems to do that regularly -- is there anyone from Owing Mills in this forum? I feel like some retaliation pulsions...
  2. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    Allen: ok with ur analysis... the concept of customer is anyway stronger in the US. Here, customer care is not as developed (this is why when u come to Paris, u may feel that people in shops & restaurants are unpolite & careless). Coming back to the topic, I'm following the eBay process for...
  3. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    I see... so your credit card company acts as a "global order sales customer care" (which can go very far) ; they dont do that here, unfortunately.
  4. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    Your bank or card organism just trust you? you tell them chare-back and they do? and what happened if you do it on an object you have received... then the seller asks for a recharge-back? ;-)
  5. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    I've never seen a "charge-back" in a French bank, this is a US "custom". We have insurances in case of money taken without your consent, but as far as the transaction was done with my consent, then it becomes a problem between the seller & the buyer & the bank won't intervene (i understand the...
  6. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    I'm gonna put a negative feedback soon, but this guy has hundreds of positive ones, so I guess it will be like a drop in the ocean... Regarding the reimbursement by the bank/credit card, they say no because it is not a scam on the account (like some who use my card number or so), but a...
  7. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    Well on Paypal.fr it is 45 days and I got burned on that because the seller played the clock... he told me to wait for the knife and i did. I was not aware of the 45 days limit. For eBay i managed to turn the dispute into a refund/reclamation but dunno what gonna happen. Of course I plan to...
  8. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    Oh yes... the full story is like this: He was selling 10 morpho on a "Buy it now" auction. I took one. He sent me an email a few days later to let me know he was on backorder with Benchmade and should have them in the next few weeks. I said OK, i wait. Then a few weeks later he sent me an...
  9. Guillaume

    eBay shops: anyone has dealt with "body-armor"?

    Hi all, 2 months ago, I bought a Benchmade 32 (morpho) on eBay and never got the knife. It is my first scam on eBay :'( Nevertheless, the seller seems to do a lot of business with knives and has a majority of positive feedbacks. So I'm wondering what happened with me and if it happened to...
  10. Guillaume

    kydex in San Francisco

    Hey all, I'm going to SF for a week (am French) and I wanted to find out a shop selling kydex sheets (and stuff to make knives kydex sheaths, such as rivets, brass black metal finish, tek-lok) and also Militech-1 there. Does anyone know where i can find that in San Francisco? thanks a...
  11. Guillaume

    Where to buy Kydex & G10?

    Thanks a lot guys! Ilovetoolsteel... i should change my location, i'm in Shanghai China now, and no G10/Kydex available here. It has to be imported. Guillaume
  12. Guillaume

    Where to buy Kydex & G10?

    Hey all! :-) I'm looking for G10 & Kydex, do you know any good place online to place an order (good price & no problem service)? thanks a lot, Guillaume
  13. Guillaume

    USM9 Bayonet

    Hi all, I'm in China where several factories manufactures copies of USM9 bayonets. I was wondering, who is the original "author" of this knife? who owns the right to make it? which cutlery used to make M9 for the army? Thank you your replies, Guillaume
  14. Guillaume

    Good knife magazine?

    The exact titles are: - La Passion Des Couteaux : http://passioncouteaux.free.fr/home.php - Excalibur : http://www.graphycom.com/crepin-leblond/Fr/exca_2.htm Despite the difference of website look, the most popular magazine in France is now Excalibur. "Boink" mon ami, we don't say...
  15. Guillaume

    where's my thread?

    Mr Moderator, Where's my thread about knives in Beijing, China? When I went back it was written "moved"... moved where? Thanks! Guillaume
  16. Guillaume

    Knives in Beijing, China

    Hi all, I was wondering if any of you knew interesting knives/cutleries/knife-maker/... in Beijing first, and in China in general. I just move to that place, and would love to discover the local "specialties" =) Xie xie nimen (thx!), Guillaume
  17. Guillaume

    a new book about balisong

    Now, it's distributed by Amazon (.fr only for the moment) Amazon.fr Guillaume
  18. Guillaume

    Knives Magazines

    thanks for the pix!