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  1. Scurvy092

    Which Came First?

    A buddy of mine and I were discussing the recent trend of non locking front flippers with a detent and we can't agree who did it first. The Richard Rogers Sharpy is the first knife I saw like this. The Serge Panchenko Bean is the first he saw like that. Who's right or did we miss someone?
  2. Scurvy092

    Bad Ryan Dotson - Popping up on FaceBook and Instagram - Look Out

    This guy just tried his tricks again on SpadeKnifeWorks on Instagram. Thankfully he sent it G&S and when Ryan ghosted him, he got his money back.
  3. Scurvy092

    MGregory Knives/Ben Seward Collaboration Aikuchi COOP PIC ADDED

    Getting to see this on a proper sized screen is much better than looking at this beauty on my phone.
  4. Scurvy092

    Review So I went to Blade (for the fourteenth time)

    I felt like the venue was openly hostile towards Blade this year. Charging for parking. Braves homestand during on of the biggest shows of the year, none of the food places being properly staffed on a Saturday afternoon (Chow Main Grill was literally half empty and they had a 30 minute wait dur...
  5. Scurvy092

    Your first custom knife!

    Michael Raymond Estrella and I regret selling it constantly.
  6. Scurvy092

    Anyone watching FORGED IN FIRE: KNIFE OR DEATH?

    I don't think they can. I'm pretty sure they are all running multiple lanyards for safety. I'm guessing the time wasted trying to switch back and forth would eliminate any advantage. It's a good idea though.
  7. Scurvy092

    Anyone watching FORGED IN FIRE: KNIFE OR DEATH?

    Happy belated bday Joe. I for one love the show. It's pure popcorn silliness but it involves knives so it's even better. It's funny watching the internet knives fail and impressive watching the proper tools work as intended. I would like to see them combine this with Forged in Fire. Make...
  8. Scurvy092

    new models for blade show by claude bouchonville

    2nd from the left is calling me.
  9. Scurvy092

    Detent rock

    Everyone has their own definition of perfection. I would guarantee you that there is no truly perfect knife for MUCH less. Tooling marks, chamfers, centering, bevel evenness etc etc etc can all be nitpicked to death until you get to a price range far above where most people buy knives. You...
  10. Scurvy092

    Detent rock

    I'm sorry but you are being dramatic. Play in the detent and a weak detent are two different things caused by two different problems. Slight detent play is not going to develop into a safety issue. At this point, I'm wondering if it really is detent play because I'm not sure if you have the...
  11. Scurvy092

    Detent rock

    I don't think any knife company is going to accept a knife for warranty work that has a little detent wiggle. Do you send knives in for warranty if the centering is slightly off or the lockup isn't early enough for you too? This place never ceases to amaze me hahaha. If you expect perfection...
  12. Scurvy092

    Removing your sold price after you've sold the knife?

    I prefer is being changed. As said before it keeps the extraneous replies for people who can't read out. It also is more beneficial than most people think. People think that being able to research the prices of knives will help. How do you know that if I advertise a knife for sale for $200...
  13. Scurvy092

    Top 5 EDC Folding Knives! Benchmade, Spyderco, and ZT! (Vote up to 5 times)

    Three votes for anything else: ZT0450 Kershaw Skyline ZT0055
  14. Scurvy092

    Terrible News

    Such sad news. I was fortunate enough to meet Bing through Matt Gregory last year at Blade and he seemed like a great guy. I know how well respected he is here and among knife makers. He will be sorely missed. Really hope Mike is okay.
  15. Scurvy092

    benchmade consensus

    940 is the best Benchmade and it's not really close.
  16. Scurvy092

    Experience with ZT Warranty Service

    Yes, because you are asking for an UPGRADE and parts for knives you do not own. You don't own a satin 0450, a zdp-189 0450, a knife with a deep pocket clip, polished pivot, or black backspacers. ZT offers to send people small parts free of charge for knives they own if they are needed. You...
  17. Scurvy092

    Experience with ZT Warranty Service

    I will happily beg for forgiveness from you if the grinds are as bad as you claim. However, you really just shredded whatever credibility you had with that laundry list of customization requests...
  18. Scurvy092

    Experience with ZT Warranty Service

    He already admitted he asked for ZT to customize his 0450cf by adding a satin blade instead of the stock DLC... No no no, I'm saying you are going to get the same exact knife back and either post pics and get derided or when you don't come through with the pics, you will TRY to claim ZT did...
  19. Scurvy092

    Experience with ZT Warranty Service

    And the truth comes out...at least part of it. I'm sure that's EXACTLY what you said. I'd pay money to know how the actual request for special treatment went down.