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    Postal Packages

    ^ Excellent post! :thumbsup::thumbsup: ^^ There is, a common denominator regarding many of these cities being mentioned in this thread....but unfortunately, I'm not allowed to discuss my opinion here in the GBU. Perhaps someone can start another thread in the PA, where the relevant facts (as...

    Collection Sale - Grimsmo, Strider, CRK, Spyderco - New and Users

    I'll take your Strider SnG please! Edit: PM & email sent. Edit x2: Payment sent. Thanks again, T man, for this awesome Sunday sale! :):thumbsup:

    Beverages and Blades - Traditional of Course

    ^ Wow! Thank you for your very kind word's.....& for posting this beautiful/super awesome picture!!! Likewise- it was a pleasure, dealing with such a professional, highly trustworthy fellow hobbyist. I'm really glad that you like this GEC & it's such a good fit with you up in Alaska. :)

    WTS/WTT (2) Microtech Ultratech's Hellhound & Zombie Tech

    Payment received, MT HH has been sold- thank you. :) I should be able to get this shipped out tomorrow afternoon.

    Bad Blade HQ Shipping times

    ^ :thumbsup::thumbsup: It's always helpful hearing the OTHER side of a story, to get a better and more accurate perspective of the situation. ^ :thumbsdown::thumbsdown: :rolleyes: @Souperson ^ I double down on what I stated in my first post. As a first time poster/newbie here, your cameo...

    WTS/WTT (2) Microtech Ultratech's Hellhound & Zombie Tech

    WTS/WTT (2) Microtech Ultratech's for sale (only selling whichever one sell first). $290 LNIB Microtech 121-10Z Ultratech S/E - Zombie-Tech Handle - Contoured - Stonewash Blade. I picked this up a few weeks ago here & I just cant bring myself to start carrying this as I already have a couple of...

    Sold Great Eastern Cutlery #43 Oregon Trapper Orange Camel Bone

    WTS/WTT $OLD- best offer accepted My asking price is a Benjamin less that one that recently sold on that auction site (which I prefer not using), & protecting against flipper's however, it you feel this price is out of line then please PM me with a reasonable offer. And if you're a flipper-...

    Good Mike Snody

    Mike Snody, is my absolute favorite knife maker/personality. :cool: One of my very first balisong's (way back when I first got into this hobby on another knife forum, was a Snody Highroller. What an awesome bali! I've followed Mike way back from when he was really into his $$$ bling persona...

    Bad Blade HQ Shipping times

    ^ :thumbsup::thumbsup: Nailed it! This impatient, self entitled "I WANT IT NOW" tech generation; people who appear would rather spend more of their time whining, rather than actually spend enjoying a hobby. Case in point: The OP joins BladeForums, just to come on here to complain & bash a...
  10. KELAMA

    2021 BF Forum knife vs. Facebook & Flippers

    ^ :rolleyes: Oh for crying out loud, give me a freaking break! I call Bull:poop:! :rolleyes: Just a thought: You might want to consider sticking strictly to Facebook, from here on out. :D As for this specific GEC Forum Knife, & FB newbie's joining just to try & score one, strictly to flip. I...
  11. KELAMA

    SOLD CRK Large Sebenza 21 Red Linen Micarta

    ^ Thanks for calling. It was a real pleasure speaking with you...and thank you for the lightning fast payment! :) I'll get your Sebenza packed up & on it's way up the SoCal Coast. Edit: ABSOLUTELY AWESOME TRANSACTION- Thanks NSF!
  12. KELAMA

    SOLD CRK Large Sebenza 21 Red Linen Micarta

    WTS/WTT $OLD Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 Red Linen Micarta Inlay in excellent, lightly carried/used/professionally sharpened condition. Very nice F&F: centered blade, and solid lockup. Includes original box, birth card, lanyard, tool, grease, but no CRK blue cloth. TOS: Payments via...
  13. KELAMA


    ^ I kind of thought that perhaps this may have been the case. FYI: It is on the small side with a 3" blade. And thank you for being so cool about this, I really do appreciate it! :)
  14. KELAMA


    OG Goblin- Due to the fact that I've dealt with Rob Celani in the past, as well as meeting he and his wife in person, in La Jolla for some kayaking fun, and the fact that he's a long time stellar BF member, these are the rare occasions where I will absolutely give preference to a BF "Brother,"...
  15. KELAMA


  16. KELAMA


    $OLD Discontinued Microtech Mini Matrix Reverse Tanto Flipper 164-1 This is in excellent very lightly carried / used condition. Comes with it's original old style MT box, & MT nylon sock. Excellent F&F: nicely centered blade, solid lockup @ approximately 50%, medium detent, the flipping action...
  17. KELAMA

    Spyderco Spyderco Military Orange G-10

    Edit: Payment sent! Thank you! :)
  18. KELAMA

    SOLD! Burchtree Secant Green Micarta M390

    Wow- that was lightning fast! :cool: It's yours. :)