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    DMT dia-sharp scratches.

    I got new stones a few weeks back, and I have noticed the same massive scratching on the EF plate in particular. I used a cheap smith & wesson knife to break it in, so I'd imagine no hard carbides like there would be in S30V, etc. The quality of these plates is NOTHING like it was 10 years ago...
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    CS Ti-Lite - any bad feedbacks ?

    I had one over 10 years ago. It's a cool looking knife, but the quality is mediocre. It's not the most functional IMO
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    I Think I've Chipped My Blade - What Now?

    I did a dumbass thing a few months back and took a swing at some free-hanging phone cord with my S110V Native 5. It left a tiny nick in the edge like the one you pictured. I'm not worried because it will come out eventually after sharpening
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    Pocket knife suggestions to cut up cardboard

    A thin blade is going to help a lot. Even my VG-10 Spyderco Delicas last on cardboard for some time because the blade is so thin. That being said, cardboard is very abrasive on any edge, so expect to sharpen your knife often regardless of the steel. S110V will do noticeably better on cardboard...
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    FRN or G10 handles on Spydie ?

    Me too. I like Spyderco's FRN better than their G10 because the FRN: 1. doesn't wear pants material as easily 2. is lighter 3. can be beaten to hell without me feeling bad or caring too much 4. provides better grip Yes, I believe that FRN provides better grip, but specifically because of...
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    Brands to stay away from

    Agreed. There are things like computers and electronics where there is virtually no other practical option. I avoid the enticement of the sirens with their low prices by putting some extra $$ so that we might still have those options for things that are our hobbies and passions.
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    Pants leg stropping

    I completely agree. I think it can straighten out a very thin wire edge and make it seem sharp, but I'm not sure that it would do much to remove metal. It's very useful for cleaning up small crumbs of cardboard and whatnot after cutting, though
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    Spyderco's Prices lowered

    Received yesterday, that was quick. Thanks again
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    Favorite steel ?

    Lately, ZDP-189 and S110V: easy burr removal and excellent edge retention. I'm liking S110V because it's very stainless, and it can hold a coarse edge for a long time, which means I can finish on DMT F and not worry too much that I don't have a mirror polish
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    Spyderco's Prices lowered

    I left a profile message since I guess PMs were taken away from regular users, but if you'd rather email me your PP address: [EDITED]
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    Spyderco's Prices lowered

    I'll take the Yojimbo2
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    Spyderco Kapara and Manix 2 Backlock For Sale

    Are you able to start a "conversation" on my board, or whatever that's called? Or can you post the PayPal address here (and maybe edit it out after I get the funds sent?) Another gold member just did that with me a few minutes ago in another thread. If there's a better way to communicate with...
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    Spyderco Kapara and Manix 2 Backlock For Sale

    I'll take the Manix 2 backlock. Can you PM me with PayPal details? Things have changed a bit with the rules/system since I've last participated in the exchange here
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    ALL SOLD Para 2s! Rex 45, Cruwear, S110v, and a Manix2 S110v

    I'll take the Para2 in S110V Edit: are you able to PM me with PayPal details? Things have changed a bit with the rules/system since I've last participated in the exchange here
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    Manix 2 lockback

    This is what I envisioned when I first heard about the original Manix 2 (the one that ended up being hollow-ground, CBBL). I love the tip-down support. Can't wait to get one.