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  1. shuutr

    Some of our NEW KNIVES

    assassin and kobold are on my list. Great lineup
  2. shuutr

    Kizer Assassin(Ki3549) two versions!

    Front flipper looks legit
  3. shuutr

    113 Ranger Club

    Really want one of these....it's on the list.
  4. shuutr

    Next kizer? Need recs!

    Gemini (Ti) (or Ursa Minor) and Feist. Both are sizes I like, understated design with machined pocket clips. I also own an Envoy which is mini grip sized and has a great deep carry clip. I have owned and liked (but sold) the Sealion, T1, Wanderer and splinter. The Wanderer was a smidge too...
  5. shuutr

    Kizer ZipSlip

    Who has one and how do you like it? My initial thoughts from browsing (I don't own one yet) is that I love a nice slip joint knife. I like a deep carry clip. I like a thumbhole. The blade length seems perfect for my likes. The seashell ripple on the scales isn't my thing, but not a...
  6. shuutr

    Kizer Sealion (coated blade) $sold

    Overall Length:8.00" Blade Length:3.625" per bladehq
  7. shuutr

    Kizer Sealion (coated blade) $sold

    Never got around to carrying consistently I'll still list as used but it has a factory edge an little signs of any use. $sold PayPal only. US only. includes box, sheath and USPS flat rate envelope and bubble wrap.
  8. shuutr

    SOG Twitch II (CRK Inkosi, Stedemon, Spyderco, Buck sold)

    I emailed you. please verify for me.
  9. shuutr

    SOG Twitch II (CRK Inkosi, Stedemon, Spyderco, Buck sold)

    I'll leave my email here and delete when pp received: received
  10. shuutr

    SOG Twitch II (CRK Inkosi, Stedemon, Spyderco, Buck sold)

    Thinning the collection. Time to find new homes. Every knife here has been carried. Some more than others. Most still have the factory edge. Most do not come with a box. The price includes USPS flat rate shipping. US only. Buying multiples will reduce the total price a little. PAYPAL...
  11. shuutr

    Small Drop Point Inkosi $295

    Catch and release here. Chris Reeve Small Inkosi $305 NOW $sold (CONUS, Paypal only, USPS Flat rate shipping included) Birth date this year! Small Drop Point Inkosi acquired on this forum but it isn't for me.
  12. shuutr


    EMail me and I'll run some trades by you or PayPal for the price. The trades will be favorable in value.