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  1. Haldir00

    Filter Issues

    Apologies if it's just me, but I can't get the filters to 'stick'. Used to be I could tell the forum to show me the newest stuff on top; the unread stuff was bold, the read stuff was not. I didn't have to sort every time I accessed the For Sale By Individuals, for example. Now it seems like...
  2. Haldir00

    *Sold*Vintage Axe head - Single bit - Kelley 'Woodslasher" (probably) - head only XF

    Sir, I'll give this a shot. Never hung an axe head and this looks like a nice one. You can e-mail details to me at rup[email protected] Thanks.
  3. Haldir00

    Used BB sheath for DS8

    I’ll take it if it isn’t already spoken for.
  4. Haldir00

    CupidGanzaaa 2021 Pricing and Ordering Procedures!!!!

    I must've been low on the list...got my #5 or #6 option, 6C. Been looking for an INFI Alpha Regulator, and this one looks like it's got the Cerakote, as well. Looking forward to it.
  5. Haldir00

    CupidGanzaaa 2021 Pricing and Ordering Procedures!!!!

    Got an e-mail from Becky and just got off the phone with payment info. My first Ganzaaa score. Good luck to all the rest!
  6. Haldir00

    More Pics of the 2021 CupidGanzaaa Payload!!!!

    I’m relatively new to this and curious as to the ROE. When the Viking sword scramble happened it looked like the first ones in had dibs on multiples. I was hoping for this one the first in gets first on their list, that makes sense, but it’s basically one per customer so as to share the...
  7. Haldir00

    Finally made it

    I'm just thankful there are people like you who are willing to do this stuff...especially in today's challenging socio-political climate. I echo Garth's "Stay safe."
  8. Haldir00

    HACKY New Year (sheath give away)

    Great photo, but one should never be on the fence re: one of these knives...
  9. Haldir00

    Off Topic What song are you listening to?

    Very cool...you were blessed with some fantastic musicians! I've been to Nova Scotia, but never made it to Fogarty's Cove. As you will know better than I, there are multiple connections to Stan's music in that area that would make it worth another visit...the Cove, Queensport, Sherbrooke...
  10. Haldir00

    Off Topic What song are you listening to?

    Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot, Stan and Garnet Rogers, anything Karen Carpenter sings!
  11. Haldir00

    HR2 First Busse

    Run! Go! Get to the chopper! I showed up in September and can't find my way out. Congrats on the HR2!
  12. Haldir00

    Withdrawn: Sheath for FMV8

    HNY, Sixx, and hug ol' Roscoe for me...he looks like a good companion! GL with your sales and finding that purloined pork!
  13. Haldir00

    BB13 Combat Grade Price Drop $375 includes BB scabbard

    Sir, I'll take this one as discussed via PM. Regards,
  14. Haldir00

    The Porcine Connection

    Good, thanks. I did a search, but apparently I didn’t use the right words to get where I wanted to go. Always interested in how basic events transition to myth and legend.
  15. Haldir00

    The Porcine Connection

    Hope all are enjoying the holidays! Having recently acquired an interest in Busse knives, I've spent quite a bit of time here over the past few months watching, learning, and buying. Since September I've somehow accumulated a baker's dozen across the BKG spectrum...this has been a good thing...
  16. Haldir00

    You might have too many Busse' if.....

    Perhaps we can get one of the mods to move this to the Busse / Swamprat / Scrapyard Knives For Sale section...
  17. Haldir00

    Bussekin pocket dump

    With all that stuff, are you one of those guys whose pants do this?