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    new fixed blade

    I know little of that knife, I've just looked at a few pictures of it. I think you should buy it of you are drawn to that kind of knife for whatever reasons you fancy. That said, I'm similarly minded to say that if you and a mate enjoy playing tennis with a pair of cricket bats then go for it...
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    what's your coffee maker?

    This is very similar to mine - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bo-Camp-Coffee-filter-Silicone-Collapsible/dp/B0123MC4TW/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=SILICONE+COFFEE+FILTER&qid=1560898038&s=gateway&sr=8-7
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    Machete Handle Vibration

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    Your Base Pack List?

    For me the base list is very dependent on factors beyond the consumables. I know that last week for anything more than an overnight I'm certain most of my insulation would have been synthetic. For sure that would have been Climashield quilt and probably Ptimaloft clothing. On the flipside it...
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    You tuber Stephanie Margeth

    I haven't seen any of her stuff for a long while now, but I remember feeling better about it that I thought I would. Originally I expected it to be just another clueless mong to have a laugh at. They have their uses, bit like this neo-bushcrafter on about knives I came across the other day...
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    Survival Lilly knife

    It could be better, it could be worse. At least it isn't one of those hopeful monster things (think Tracket, HEST …), and looks like it evolved from some existing design elements that work, not just a giant leap from the fevered imagination of some child. [ Insipid Moniker named a few classics]...
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    Just Testing

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    Lightest, cheapest, thinnest Roll mat

    No misinterpretation amigo. Here I'd go straight for this - https://www.needlesports.com/3463/products/beacons-products-tent-underlay-15m-wide-by-per-metre-length.aspx I assumed you were in the US so I went with these numbers - https://www.40below.com/products_detail.php?ProductID=10 If I...
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    Lightest, cheapest, thinnest Roll mat

    Yeah, I've known people use laminate floor underlay here. .. I know where I'd buy EVA in the UK but not in the US. Still would be a bit about 100% heavier than you are hoping for at the limit of what I'd want to get backed up to. As a gist I'm pulling these numbers from a US site selling 3mm...
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    Emberlit FireAnt - stupid question / favor to ask

    I don't know about the magnetic bit, but you are correct in that not all stainless is magnetic. For the weight differences you are talking about you don't necessarily need scales, you could knock up a balance. I must have done this a bazillion times as a kid. Knitting needle, chopstick, heavy...
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    Fiskars X7 14" Hatchet?

    Short version - Cliff had the previous version and found it needed a bit of relief work. He went on to note of the new version: “Note this model was discontinued but there is another model in the same general size. The newer ones also do not have the very heavy secondary edge bevels and now...
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    String trimmer cord

    Cool. I had the opposite problem with some stuff that was a bit too thin. I used it for making retracting lanyards for use on / round water. 1] Wind a long coil along the length of some sort of rod. Knitting needle, wooden spoon handle .etc [pick a width appropriate to how thick a wire you've...
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    gear repair

    So we can exclude the burner because it works on the left. And fuel gets to the right hand side with and ignites with the burner removed. Surely it must be the interface there then? I was reading this -...
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    Good Tips for Smoothin' It?

    Over the years I've kept an eye out for something satisfying to use as a bivy lantern. I'm not talking about big ole lanterns like I'd use for beach fishing, nah, the opposite end is what I'm drawn to for this niche. I've bought a few and they have all been underwhelming. They were always too...
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    Bushcraft skills.

    I'd say that the notion of learning to survive in the wild with just a knife and some skills is way too ambitious if you have no grounding. The truth is that is extremely hard for anyone to do that and a great deal of it comes down to fortitude of character, luck, location and climate. Sure...
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    Post Up Your NEW Gear ...

    2750 isn't the steel. I bet someone on BRL's forum knows what the steel is. My guess would be AUS6. Most of the SEKI stainless knives I've had from that far back are that. These knives were imported by Cole National Corporation for Ka-Bar and made by Khyber in the 1976-1983 slot, so mebe...
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    ECWCS Gear Question

    Mah pleasure amigo. On the testimony of the below I don't think I'd want anything from that company anyway. Short version: He bought the jacket used and clearly the drop liner was knackered. He's not especially au fait with the topic but was willing to accept his lumps to the extent of cutting...
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    ECWCS Gear Question

    I wouldn't go anywhere near it. I'm very much aware of the limitations of the best hardshells Gore / Event, and mostly this concerns the long term durability of the DWR. These days you can even find jackets [uber-light gentle trail rambling jackets for those that insist on walking trails in...
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    Questions about this panga

    The position of the handle pins suggests Imacasa to me.
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    Calling People Sheeple

    Yeah, I probably wouldn't use the term sheeple to describe people like her. It lacks the impact of a far more fitting word, twunts. The are situations in which the likeliness of me having legitimate uses for an object are incredibly low. A fountain pen in a public swimming baths springs to...