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    Coldsteel Sold???

    Bali still happening? Lol
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    Spyderco 2020 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Snagged 2.
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    Help ! Please ID this Ti-lite as counterfeit or real .

    That box looks suspect.
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    Rex 45 Sprints : Chief , Shaman, Lil Native, And Manix 2 LW

    Rex45 Shaman in-stock at Ye Ole Cutlery. GONE
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    Spyderco CPM-SPY27

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    Bad Patriot Leather

    Note to self.
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    Bad Trade Deal with Silent Arrow

    Is it a Waki or Rucki?
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    one of these is a fake ZT 0450cf

    Do the serial numbers on the knife and box match?
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    Bad Rick Barrett (Resolved)

    Rick Barrett aka Barrett Custom Knives is a thief and a liar.
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    Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Mordax

    Does yours have any vertical blade play?
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    Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Mordax

    Now $180. May have to try one.
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    Any upcoming Military sprints?

    We are due for a CF sprint. Been a few years since the 52100.
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    opeRATion eRATication . . . Huh??? . . . What does that mean?. . . .

    I'm going to stick with the combat spatula.
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    Arizona Custom Knives - something to watch out for

    Arizona Ice Tea isn't from AZ as well.