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    "The One" Fixed Blade

    I'm having a hard time deciding on a fixed blade. Currently I have a few different fixed blades, all decent quality, but I want to sell them all and buy one, do it all, bigger knife. I spend a lot of time in the woods, camping, hunting,hiking, etc. I've pretty much narrowed it down to an Esee 4...
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    CRK Aviator With Pancake Sheath

    Please text me pictures - 5O3/8six9/o23l
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    Marathon Dive Watch GSAR *Price Drop*

    Sent you another email...
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    Marathon Dive Watch GSAR *Price Drop*

    I guess I can't email you, please email me - [email protected]
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    * SOLD *

    Email sent on the Super CQC7
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    Randy Chinn Scales?

    While Googling wood scales for ESEE knives, I came across some posts on this forum and others from 2010 about scales made by "Randy Chin". Does anyone know if he is still doing work, and if so, how do I get ahold of him?
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    SOG scuba demo **price drop**$200 TYD

    I'll take it if you still have it.
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    US Made Leather Wallet

    I'm in the market for a new wallet. I know a lot of you are into fine leather gear, so I thought I'd ask for recommendations. I normally like tri-folds, but am open to bi-folds also. I carry a lot in my wallet, so I need quite a few slots. I really like well made leather products, nice finished...
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    Sebenza 25 Question

    Thanks for the replies! Don't worry, I won't be sanding anything lol I have tried pushing different ways, it's hard every way, and I found that once it "pops" past the detent, my thumb slips, and comes very close to getting cut on the edge. I'm going to give it time to break in, as that makes...
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    Sebenza 25 Question

    After long debating if I should spend the money, today I got a Sebenza 25. Love the knife so far, but one question/complaint. The knife is very hard to get started opening. Is there any way to adjust it, so it opens a little easier, but the blade is still tight? It's pretty much impossible to...
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    Looking For Custom Bowie/Fighter

    I've been looking for the perfect knife for quite some time, but I just can't find it, so I'm now looking into custom knives. What I am looking for, is a large (7-8") Bowie or fighting style knife, much like a Randall model 1, 14 or 16, or a Blackjack model 7. The thing I can't find, is I want a...
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    Randall Model 2 7 inch (sold)

    I'll take it per our emails. Thanks.
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    Randall Model 1 **SOLD**

    What part of WA are you in?
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    Replacing My Lost EDC

    Good news guys! While loading up my truck at IKEA, yesterday, I found my Stryker! It must have fallen out of my pocket in the bed of my truck (the clip is a little bent).
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    Replacing My Lost EDC

    I full understand the consequences of carrying an expensive knife. That is why I put a $200 cap on this. I've lost two expensive knives in my life. Not good, but not awful. As bad as I want a Sebenza, I won't risk it with one of those lol
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    Replacing My Lost EDC

    Thanks for all the responses. I will not buy a cheap EDC knife, because you get what you pay for, I believe. I'm kinda over Benchmades, except the AFO II, but I don't want an auto. Serrations are necessary as I cut rope and plastic banding a lot, and I find them handy to have, with little...