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  1. J

    Meaning of your call sign

    I have lived and worked amongst Spanish speakers for may years and my Welsh surname does not really exist in terms of pronunciation in English, never mind Spanish. So as the H's are silent and G followed by E makes a H sound, it reads like a random sound, So it's a spanglisized version of...
  2. J

    New Becker knife model

    I'd like too see a BK2 Scandi or the like.
  3. J

    Way to go, BK-2!

    Nice to see my beloved BK2 get a mention, but that price? You can get the knife for a much cheaper price, so even better value. Never seen the Falkniven F1 down in price as much as the deals to be had with Beckers.
  4. J

    BK2 Much?

    This made me laugh out loud and get funny looks. But hey don't go mocking these bk2 copies cos they come with "free leather sheath", so cannot be that bad... Hahahaha
  5. J

    Use, abuse, loan, lend and beat on with abandon ... the mighty BK2

    I love the BK2. It really is a seriously underrated knife! Many who complain (or even mock) its not long enough have probably never even used the knife and just go with the wind and others opinions. But by design and its distant older cousin was a knife made to be short, manageable compact - yet...
  6. J

    My sterile BK24 is broken out of the box...

  7. J

    What's the most sentimental Becker you own ?

    BK2 - the knife I always wanted , but never quite found the right match for what I wanted, until coming across youtube video reviews as Beckers are very unknown in these parts. Then bam! I had to get it. A bit more checking reviews then Two days, or Tomars, later I have one ordered and sent to me!
  8. J

    Let's all raise a glass to...

    Happy B'day... Hope you have a good one!
  9. J


    Another +1 for Ranger Bands. It's a pain in the @$$ to put on (just make sure knife is sheathed first 😉) If you have the BK2 (not BK22) sheath, if you want a more fuller handle with a ranger band you will need to cut it a little more at an angle so it will lock into place correctly.
  10. J

    Does Ethan know about this?

    A total rip-off job, but I do like their explanation of the different points of the knife and the RC levels, would be nice if some did this too. But funny none the less. Ethan may have been a Ghurkha but perhaps dumped with his memory erased once they discovered he is over 5'4" tall 😀
  11. J

    Difference between High-end and Low-end knives?

    I don't have money to High end, but ka-bar BK&T are helluva knife for the price and great customer aftercare. Sure they are not fancy stainless rustfree, but get a lovely edge and very good handles on them. Sure high end have their place, so do cheap (but not nasty) ones. At the end of the day...
  12. J

    New upgrades

    Looks like Ka-bar have started to do their new upgrades.
  13. J

    What did you do to/with your Becker today?

    Processed wood and other camp tasks with my Becker today and last couple of days. And as tradition (or always asked) some photos below:
  14. J

    More "What to do with extra scales?"

    Where's the order form for these? 😀 😉
  15. J

    Thank you American friends

    Sounds like some crackpot idea they come up with on the Apprentice TV show.
  16. J

    Memorial Day

    Nice Pics BeeKayNutCase. I have never been, but some siblings did and told me about it. I have an ancestor right there amongst the fallen of Flanders.
  17. J

    Memorial Day

    Salutations and hope you all have a good memorial day. On this side of the pond we remember all conflicts and wars on 11th Nov where we all wear poppies in remembrance of Flanders fields and all. USA and the Anzac's have servered well with us in all, but Falklands conflict. Thanks cousins!!!
  18. J

    Thank you American friends

    Good if it arrived without further import tax on top. Perhaps it was a lucky escape through customs. GBP £ is a lot higher than USD$ but hate it how US and Asian companies always give us same price in £ as $ or more, as if it was a like for like, when it's not. It's like they take advantage of...
  19. J

    Thank you American friends

    Where u at BeeKay? If I remember you said you were an Aussie, but still in Oz? It is tough to get stuff outside 'merica at a good price. They don't realise how good they got it. I'd love a BK20 but out my range at the moment. BK5 and BK4 I'd sell on as not really my type of knives. But with...
  20. J

    The BK9

    Gaston's pic of his 9 looks like it has barely been used, so I'd side very much on the side of caution unless ther 'other' evidence comes along, perhaps maybe from a legendary Ex-Beckerhead youtube "star". If you are buying the BK9 from USA like Tomars, you can get a cracking price and it will...