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  1. OnceBitten

    You're saying that wrong...

    Yep. It drive's me nut's when I see member's putting apostrophe's in all of the wrong place's. n00b's
  2. OnceBitten

    Day Pack Knife SOLD

    Beautiful symmetry in the handle grain and blade. Wonderful. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. OnceBitten

    Bussekin & Friends + Epic Fail

    I'll take Entry #68 in this fantastic Giveaway! Thanks for the chance! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  4. OnceBitten

    Any love for the BM 810 Contego?

    The "Max Traction" liners and scales are a big bonus when wearing (thicker) gloves. Nice-sized blade. Just bought my third (first in Black) in M4 today - the first with the partial serrations. It's going to replace my 950SBK Rift as my camping/fishing folder - all the "heavy lifting" is left...
  5. OnceBitten

    VPK78 - An UNBELIEVABLE ACT OF KINDNESS!!!!!! HG55 MO received! ;)

    Godspeed to you and your wife, Mr. Pierson. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  6. OnceBitten

    May Day! . . . May Day! . . . The 2021 "Knife-A-Day In May" Offer Is Here!!!

    That's a pretty knife! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. OnceBitten

    Assault Shaker (repost)

    Should be .25" INFI and 5.5" OAL
  8. OnceBitten

    Remora scale addition

    Great idea! The Remora is a tiny knife and giving the handle some width can actually create a "useful" piggy-back knife for a 4, 7, 9, or 21 (20 and 29 are in there, too......just a little more difficult to source, these days). A 30% larger Remora would be cool with that hole moved to behind...
  9. OnceBitten

    *SOLD*Small one in 80CrV2 and RWLB

    That's a little beauty. Handles are stunning! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  10. OnceBitten

    Which Busse?

    Butaniku. You're 75........WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? :p
  11. OnceBitten

    My BK7 has a scratch

    That 7 is gorgeous. I really need to find a stamped 7........the one I have has the small pommel and it's kind of a "Safe Queen". The 7 and the Perseverance are my favourite Beckers as far as size goes (and my 21s, of course:D). To have one in-between the Mk2 and BK-7 would be ideal. BK-6.5...
  12. OnceBitten

    Use vs non-use

    I have a Dumpster Mutt DCBB.......not used, either. It's nice to know that others share The Sickness. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  13. OnceBitten

    Use vs non-use

    I have 2 of those......unused. :p
  14. OnceBitten

    How long for CitriStrip to work on BK2

    Put it in a plastic (Freezer-type thickness) bag to keep the Stripper moist for a longer time. The Stripper I use is meant to strip 4 layers of paint/varnish off of furniture at once.....takes 6 minutes to remove 95%+ of a BK9's Blackness
  15. OnceBitten

    How long for CitriStrip to work on BK2

    Yeah.....what Xr6x said: Oil is not your friend. I wipe my gonna-be strippers down with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol first. Also, if it looks like a glossier/harder coating than usual, I'll run a little 400 grit 3M or Norton Wet/Dry paper over the whole surface to make the "bite" easier/faster.
  16. OnceBitten

    Use vs non-use

    I think, for most of us......once The Sickness sets buy more than you actually need's hard to have 30+ users. Shhhhh. It happens. :rolleyes:
  17. OnceBitten

    No School like Old School

    The '63 Split Window was a beauty and the first iteration of the new Stingray body but......the '62 with the 327 and factory Fuel Injection will always be my favourite Corvette
  18. OnceBitten

    Bought this from Dan Huang

    Scumbag Seller. A Leper never changes his spots.
  19. OnceBitten

    Off Topic Poll...What do you think UFO's are? <poll re-opened>

    Well........there was the TR8
  20. OnceBitten

    Off Topic Poll...What do you think UFO's are? <poll re-opened>

    I see your squirrel and raise you: