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  1. sailfish

    Benchmade Fakes, knock-offs, counterfeits thread...

    Came across a site in my travels called "benchmadeus" dot com. Whole thing looks shady as hell with poor wording, high stock counts listed, and steep discounts for buying multiples. The only contact info is an Outlook email address. It contains mostly stock images but on some of the products it...
  2. sailfish

    How to turn a Delica into a $350+ knife.

    I've actually been collecting the parts needed to do my own Delica build. The only thing I'm waiting on is the release of the K390 wharncliffe.
  3. sailfish

    Pics of Wharncliffes

    My favorite blade shape. One of my biggest regrets was getting my XM-18 with a slicer grind instead of the wharncliffe. I intend my next wharncliffe to be the K390 Delica when it comes out.
  4. sailfish

    Knives and Drinks!

  5. sailfish

    Why Can't I Get my Sebenza 21 Shaving Sharp with the Sharpmaker?

    Have you had to replace any of the rods?
  6. sailfish

    Recommendation? Advice for a novice collector and Griptillian fan - Production Folders -

    Maybe it's time to try a Para Military 2? That price range kinda puts Hinderer out of consideration though.
  7. sailfish

    Why Can't I Get my Sebenza 21 Shaving Sharp with the Sharpmaker?

    I have the diamond rods and they're very course. I was able to reprofile a broken tanto tip in only a few minutes.
  8. sailfish

    Why Can't I Get my Sebenza 21 Shaving Sharp with the Sharpmaker?

    From the factory the edges might not have been perfectly profiled to 40 degrees, so the Sharpmaker wasn't quite doing the trick yet. But now that you've got the blade to match the rod angles with the diamond stones, I would reserve those only for serious resharpening and avoid them for regular...
  9. sailfish

    CRK Cheat Day

    Have actually been cheating quite a lot lately.
  10. sailfish

    Photos lost knife

    Looks like pretty much everything I was going to add has already been said but I'll say it anyway. I don't recognize the model specifically but the thumbstud reminds me of a Frost Cutlery or gas station/flea market knife, and has probably long since been discontinued. But if you're looking for...
  11. sailfish

    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    Probably a couple various fakes. Given the price and website I pretty much knew what they were but I figure knowledge is power and wanted to have a frame of reference to compare to so in the future I could tell without a doubt the differences that makes the real one what it is and never be fooled.
  12. sailfish

    POLL: Which configuration is your current carry for Small model CRK ?

    I prefer clip carry for easy one-handed access and lanyards tend to get hung up on things and inadvertently pull the knife out for me. Can't beat that clean look either. I'd probably be more fond of lanyards if I went clipless though.
  13. sailfish

    Why does Hinderer not do reblades?

    Standalone blades for user replacement options like they do for hardware would be ideal.
  14. sailfish

    Let me vent!

    @kdizzog6 Need those pics, bruh.
  15. sailfish

    Question on shipping your high end knives.

    UPS includes $100 in insurance. I'm not sure what USPS' default coverage is though. A cheaper knife I probably wouldn't bother to insure extra and would send USPS since they cost less for small items. But once you start having to tack on hundreds of dollars of insurance UPS becomes cheaper. A...
  16. sailfish

    Kershaw Leek opened in my pocket and stabbed me.

    That's a bummer. I hate piddling with the lock on my Leek every time I want to use it. I've even considered taking the assist spring out and tightening the pivot a little to give it some detent.
  17. sailfish


    Speaking of XM-18s. What's going on with the availability on those things lately? I'd like to get a 3" standard Gen 6 in a different blade shape but I haven't seen any anywhere in a long time. Used to have all kinds of configurations available.
  18. sailfish

    Women and knives

    Is that a Worker with a hawkbill?
  19. sailfish

    Wharncliffe vs. Quasi-Sheepsfoot (Utility, Not Tactics)

    So I pose this question to the others who also prefer straight edges over a quasi. Do you find that a hawkbill fills your needs as well? I find that they provide a lot of the same advantages of a true wharncliffe plus a little more specialized utility, and as far as daily use in a pocket knife...
  20. sailfish

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Any wind of the the K390 Delica wharncliffes yet?