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    GB1 - perhaps the knife I would miss the most.

    Time to revive the old thread @bluntcut is to be thanked that I have GB1 :thumbsup:;)
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    I've busted one of the clip torx screw of my Paramilitary 2... help.

    I have used it successfully on many Byrd’s torx T6 clip screws as well. Get the mini version, it will ruin the circumference of the dome but it works! The only thing is that the screws have to be protruding above the surroundings.
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    Sharp Talk: Honest Musings and Mad Ramblings

    Not really. I usually do edge away so I don’t use his method of looking into gaps between apex & stone. Besides he’s a master and I’m not :o
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    Sharp Talk: Honest Musings and Mad Ramblings

    I rarely have opportunity to use big stone & two hands scrubbing. Most of my sharpening nowadays (including reprofiling) is by stone in one hand and blade on another method, switching hand. I use mostly plated diamond and finishing on Spyderco UF rod. Recently picking up again my old Endura...
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    Thank You Sharpeners!

    Thank you Eli and my teachers (all of them and more ...). Luong / @bluntcut is indeed one of them and a friend. I have some of his early knives and they are great! I’ll add Brian @bgentry , Omar (can’t remember/find his forum name, @OHALLUM ?) @jackknife , @unit (Ken), David @Obsessed with...
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    Super Endura

    Like others said, Police 4 is closest to it. I don’t have one, my super Endura is actually CS Broken Skull. I keep them both as they are similar yet different.
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    What Would You Plug Into This Setup?

    Baryonix stones, probably the mutt or thistle (pinkish one)? Shipping overseas and the potential of breakage is what kept me from getting one (or some) to try. Or Martin’s washboard, perfect for touching up those simple steel in between sharpening (one sheet of paper is burnishing and aligning...
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    What is sharpening a knife about? (2015 updates!)

    Found this very good article:
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    H1 steel - spyderco exclusive?
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    Etching logos on a DLC coated stainless blade?

    Check post#26:
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    Recommendation? Taichung Workhorses

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    Delica 4 ZDP 189

    The sharp holes is not sign of lacking attention. It’s done that way by design, so the finger doesn’t slip when operating the knife. I suggest using fine ceramic rod to soften it if you want, don’t use diamond as it may get overdone and you lose the traction. Do one circular swipe, test and do...
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    Is it just me?

    SSL is back. I can access too.
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    Getting the very tip sharp in the sharpmaker

    Glad to know ;) Using 40° throughout is fine as also mentioned by Sal. Only when it (the bevel) gets too wide (pocket knife can have this, especially FFG or Scandi Flat primary) then thinning behind it with 30° setting will help to reduce wedging effect. On Kitchen knife where the primary grind...
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    Getting the very tip sharp in the sharpmaker

    I hope it’s typo, but you seem to have it reversed. You need to use the 30° setting on diamond to thin it down, and refining on 40° as microbevel. Doing 30° after apexing at 40° will only reduce a bit of the edge shoulder and will not help in burr removal, adding that final crisp sharpness, etc.
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    Is it just me?

    The main site is not affected. It seems we’re looking at it from different angles but actually we’re in agreement. ;) Yes, if you can live without SSL for time being.
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    Is it just me?

    While I agree that giving warning is educational and better be there, anyone sending sensitive information without SSL is doing so at own’s risk. It has been always a good health check on the security before doing so.