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  1. flipaldinho

    Esee 6 with sheath

    Does it come with the clip plate and factory accessories?
  2. flipaldinho

    Sold thx Bf

    Sent an email and visitor message about the knife
  3. flipaldinho

    Sold thx Bf

    I'll take it. Please contact me.
  4. flipaldinho

    PAIR of Emersons for sale

    Is that a chisel grind or V grind?
  5. flipaldinho

    Buck #124 [TRADED]

    Is this still available?
  6. flipaldinho

    Fs: Esee 6s x2, 85 dollars each.

    I did not receive an email. Please try again to spasmodic12 (at) gmail (dot) com.
  7. flipaldinho

    Fs: Esee 6s x2, 85 dollars each.

    Is there a way to email you with more questions? Thanks!
  8. flipaldinho

    Fs: Esee 6s x2, 85 dollars each.

    Can we get pictures? What color is the blade/scales?
  9. flipaldinho

    RAT-4 (sold)

    Email sent.
  10. flipaldinho

    Pre Esee RAT RC-4

    Email sent about ESEE 4, knife w/out the extra scales.
  11. flipaldinho

    FNP40 mags, med dressings

    I'll take the BK14 stuff. Please send me paypal info.
  12. flipaldinho

    Really thought I would F this up

    That's well done. I like what you did with it.
  13. flipaldinho

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    Some gratuitous "tacticool" pictures that I took today. Enjoy.
  14. flipaldinho

    Lancer L5 AWM Advanced Warfighter AR15 30rd Magazines

    These still available? How many units do you have left?
  15. flipaldinho


    Interested in trades? I have a few ESEEs that I am trying to trade for a PM2.
  16. flipaldinho

    WTS: Pair of ESEE 4's

    Both sold! Thanks guys!
  17. flipaldinho

    WTS: Pair of ESEE 4's

    ESEE 4 OD is SPF!
  18. flipaldinho

    WTS: Glock 17 Mags

    Want to sell these two Glock 17 mags. They have a 17 round capacity. They have only been used a couple of times. In great condition. Let me know if you have any questions. Would like to sell them as a pair for $60. Will take Paypal and shipping is to CONUS only.
  19. flipaldinho

    WTS: Pair of ESEE 4's

    I am thinning down the collection and getting rid of some stuff that deserves to get some better use somewhere else. There is nothing wrong with these items. They are mostly in very good/like new condition. I would prefer to trade some of this stuff away. I am looking for a black Izula II in...