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    Let's see your Case knives, old to new.

    My dad had this knife back in the late ‘70’s. It had fake picked bone scales made dark brown plastic (delrin). The blades were CV. Very practical little Jack.
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    Kabar Becker BK9 chipped what should I do

    Can you file in a sharpened half-round? You could make the same curlies of a Tracker, but still have the King on your team. Probably not something I would do on purpose, but might salvage this chip situation.
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    Beckerhead check-in thread

    #257 checking in. Often lurk and purchase. Apparently haven’t posted in three years. :confused:
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    The Sunday Picture Show... (7-3-2016)

    Beautiful knife. I've resisted the urge for a custom shop knife, but it'd look just like yours if I ever cave.
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    First weekender of the season

    Great post! Superb photos, great looking camp, and the whole thing told a story and took us less-lucky folks on the trip with you. Thank you! I love your dog Hudson BTW.
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    BK9 or Machax, chopping and clearing

    And because they've all but dried up already, and will only get harder to find as time ticks on. The KING will be around for years to come.
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    The "don't raise eyebrows" BK9 carry method

    That seems like a smart way to discreetly carry a pretty large knife. Before I opened this thread I was envisioning photos of you carrying it ninja style over your shoulder. THAT would be a little weird. ;)
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    Fishing and Bushcraft Overnighter

    Great video Jesse. It's honestly one of the best I've seen in a long time....................and I spend way too much time on Youtube. Very relaxing, without annoying music or mindless chatter. Just the sounds of nature, fishing and camping. VERY well done. Thank you.
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    A little walkabout with KA-BAR

    I'm late to the dance as usual, but that photo instantly caught my attention. A quick trip around the web and I had the name of the knife and its designer.......................small world! So anyway, great knife designs Jesse. Now I'm torn between the more practical size of the Globetrotter...
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    1280 combat kukri.

    Now that I have mine in hand, the answer is NO, it won't get in the way of anything. It just adds a little balance to the appearance.
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    1280 combat kukri.

    My Ka-Bar 1280 arrived today. I LOVE it! It's a lot smaller and lighter than I anticipated. For those who've never held one, it's a lot like a BK4 that's been shorted at the rear end and straightened, then attached to a standard Ka-Bar "stacked leather" rubber handle. Now that I know how...
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    1280 combat kukri.

    I'm only speaking for myself, but I don't have that kind of wrist flexibility. IMO the Combat Kukri is kind of a USMC knife on steroids. It can thrust like a straight blade, but has one helluva slicey slash up its sleeve. It obviously could chop, but it's designed to be light and fast, not a...
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    USAF survival knife photo thread

    That's a superb idea. If for no other reason than it'd be a kick-azz name! The USAF is one of those "so ugly it's beautiful" knives, and would make a great foundation for mods. My son is getting wood handled Mora with a lower guard for his 5th birthday in 8wks, but within a couple years his...
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    Ask Toooj

    My newest RtakII arrived today and has the grind problem as shown above. The box is dated January 2016. I assume the RtakII doesn't sell as quickly as some smaller models, so it takes longer to clear the pre-Tooj pieces out of the pipeline. The rest of the knife looks fine, and since it's not...
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    1280 combat kukri.

    Great minds think alike. By coincidence mine is arriving on Saturday. To help scratch the itch during the wait, I Bing'd the Ka-Bar 1280 and ended up here. Now I'm more fired up than ever! :)
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    First BK10

    Congrats on the new BK. If it's your first BK, it likely won't be your last. ;) Potato chips are EASY compared to the BKs.
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    BK-7 Revisited

    I bought a BK10 just to round out my BK lineup, but I've got a PILE of BK7's because it's so freakin' awesomely sweet that I couldn't help myself every time I spotted a good sale. The world's full of great blades if you know what you're looking for. Ultimately it's what YOU want in a knife...
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    Kydex for Rat 5

    Tagged. I love my 5, and consider it a sleeper in the mid-sized crowd.
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    Did Amazon send me a used knife?

    Glad to see you're happy now kraash. You tackled the problem EXACTLY like I would have. :D I purchased three SP10's last month. I gifted the first, will mod the second when I get time, and placed the third one a shelf as the perfect specimen I was gunning for all along. ;)
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    A Quick look at Busse Swamp Rat Rodent 6

    That's pretty much what I was guessing, but I appreciate the response. :)