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    Do not buy from Hinderer Knives

    Stonewashed does often lead to irregular marks. Quite honestly, my first move would have been to return to SE or ask for a discount by sending them a pic. They are indeed a very good dealer and would have taken care of you. I understand you wanted more from Hinderer, but the flaw is...
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    Best US made flipper

    Hinderer Harpoon Spanto. Mine is in stonewashed DLC, but many other finishes are available.
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    What knives do you own in the $150-300 range that you feel are worth every penny?

    Microtech UTX-85 Protech Strider SnG Zero Tolerance 0560 Zero Tolerance 0562 Strider PT
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    Para 2 still more popular than para 3???

    For me, the Para3 proportions are wrong due to retaining the full blade width. Then prioritizing the lanyard hole (useless to the majority of users) over deeper positioning of the clip (important to the majority of users). A missed opportunity hopefully to be fixed on the Para3 Gen 2. Fingers...
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    Opinion: Frame Locks are Ugly

    My first frame lock was a Kershaw Leak. Being small and having a comparatively large clip, it didn’t seem asymmetric or unfinished. I came to love the frame lock flipper design, so when I upgraded to larger G-10 scaled models, I was willing to overlook the differences. 20 years and 150+...
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    Zero Tolerance Current/Upcoming/Discontinued Models

    Is it true the 0308TS has black oxide stripes vs. stonewashed DLC stripes on the blade? Black oxide is so inferior as a finish . . .
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    Looks like Lynn Thompson started a new knife company "never unarmed'

    Im sure there is a “No Compete” clause that will keep Lynn out of the core Cold Steel knife segments. But he’ll have plenty of opportunities to pursue.
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    First knife of 2021?

    It may not be my first, but a satin and hopefully carbon fiber version of the Benchmade Mini 940 is definitely on my list for 2021. Also hoping Hinderer does a XM-18 3” Spantoon in 2021.
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    Your 2020 Year In Review

    I spent less than I have in quite a few years, but still way too much according to my wife. We were fortunate to not be seriously impacted by COVID-19. Which is a blessing for sure. I ended up adding 11 to the collection. My least expensive was a Warthog SAK, and my most expensive was a...
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    What are the best gift knives this year?

    Ka-bar wrench knife is an awesome addition to anyone’s toolbox.
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    Ever heard of GSM Outdoors? They just bought Cold steel.

    I first learned of Lynn and Cold Steel knives through the pages of Pistolero magazine back in the 80s. Those guys were a hoot and so was Lynn. I still have my Large and Small Shinobus. End of an era for sure.
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    This is a great thread. I’m a little sad I sold my entire vinyl collection 6 or 7 years ago. I only kept what I posted above. I have over 4,100 CDs that I try to get by with instead. But the smaller album art format is clearly not the same.
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    4 CD box set of “post Michael Schenker” Paul Chapman era radio broadcasts.
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    Arguably the greatest live album ever recorded. Well, either this one or Thin Lizzy’s Live And Dangerous.
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    Their swan song. RIP Phil.
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    Arguably the greatest live album ever recorded. Well, either this one or UFO’s Strangers In The Night.
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    That’s a lot of gum.