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    SOLD. PFB Framelock Folder in S35VN

    Love your knives and really love your folders have not been able to get in on one in time grats to lucky owner. Keep em coming always looking forward to seeing anything new from you.
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    Cleaver, large one [SOLD]

    Paypal payment sent. Thanks again have a wonderful day.
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    Cleaver, large one [SOLD]

    I will take this pls. I love this look. Let me know and ill get paypal payment sent off. Great piece.
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    Damascus Boot Knife SOLD

    Very good looking blade. Love the lines.
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    Laminated Bowie SOLD

    Very much like this knife. Love that this is what the mood brought on. Great catch sorry i missed this one.
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    Hawk [SOLD]

    Another great looking hawk. I also am watching for one as im sure a few others are. Your work as always is worth waiting for.
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    (Sold)Integral Pocket Knife in S7

    nice looking knife
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    Exhibition dagger (withdrawn)

    A work of art that is a stunning blade.
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    SOLD. Forged 890CRV2 Camp Chopper.

    his stuff never lasts his knives are amazing pieces of art
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    Bowie recurva sanmai **sold**

    Wow that is a stunning knife and sheath combo.
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    Hawk [SOLD]

    missed another one they look amazing keep em coming love your work
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    mod SAK classic SD - mammoth Ivory/Damasteel accents (SOLD)

    A true stunner ... beautiful work
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    Whalemouth Bark Mammoth Ivory Slip Joint

    Another great looking knife , loving your work.
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    viking axe

    Seconds on this if for some reason I Am Bleeding decides not to take it. And if he does grats love your work Hellize.
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    Price drop ! 1-1/2 lb 4140 belt sheath hatchets

    Payment sent thanks again.
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    Price drop ! 1-1/2 lb 4140 belt sheath hatchets

    I will take one please. Have been watching these for a while and my blade fund is big enough for this. Thank you for the work they are beautiful. Will make paypal payment when you confirm. Thanks and have a wonderful night.
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    Diamond Back Damascus Bowie, fossil walrus w/sheath "SOLD"

    wow, so very very nice love your knives.
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    SOLD 26C3 Hunter with Hamon and Ironwood

    His knives never last very long they are very nice blades. Love his stuff. Payment sent Matt thank you very much sir.
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    SOLD 26C3 Hunter with Hamon and Ironwood

    I will take it please. Let me know if i was first and ill get paypal payment sent off to you. Love your work.
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    Feather Damascus Keyhole Fighter