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    Pairing GB chat....

    You forgot to mention that it should be left handed.
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    Fiddleback Flea Market Feedback (Good and Bad Trades and Sales)

    Actually forgot this thread existed. Recently had an excellent transaction with @Christoffer Braathen. Great communication, quick payment. Thanks again Christoffer, hope you enjoy the knife.
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Looks like your membership may have expired, so I can't PM you. Here are pictures of the Elf taken this morning. Edit to include: Again, this is dyed quarter sawn curly oak over black liners & white pinstripes, 0.118" AEB-L SFT, convex. I bought it directly from FiddleBack Forge; never...
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    I have an Elf I could part with: dyed quarter sawn curly oak over black liners & white pinstripes, 0.118 AEB-L SFT, convex.
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 2/26/21 (Early Preview)

    Look at all the tapers! Until about half-way down, I thought this was going to be Taper Thursday. And where did that @allen456 guy come from?
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    Mini Mamushi

    The top of the Mini Mamushi's blade is a swedge.
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    Mini Mamushi

    I meant to get some more artful photos this past weekend but instead got involved doing other things. So, there's a quick and dirty comparison pic. Chris, no need to give up a mug.
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    Mini Mamushi

    They are so cool, but my favorite thing about the Mini Mamushi is... just saying "Mini Mamushi". On a more serious note...
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    Welcome aboard. The Pygmy has not been discontinued. In fact, there was one available in the 10/23/20 and 9/4/20 Friday sale.
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    Happy Birthday Andy!!!

    Mr. Roy, Mr. Berry, Mr. Loots... Happy Birthday to you all!
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 1/22/21 (Early Preview)

    Fire & Ice Box Elder Burl is smokin!
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    Fiddleback ANYDAY Pocket Dump....Updated title

    Sorcerer magic wand maybe?
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    Happy Birthday Chris

    Happy Birthday Chris!!! And Happy New Year too!
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    *SOLD* Disappointed you didn't get a TRM Nerd for Christmas?

    Here's your chance to own a Nerd with marbleized CF scales; 20CV blade! BNIB with TRM pocket protector. Never used, never carried. The knife is just not for me, so I'd like to pass it along to someone who will appreciate it. Asking $230, PayPal G&S only. CONUS only. No trades.
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    Well...It's Friday...

    Happy New Year Fiddle Friends.
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    let's do a bullseye salsa thread

    Two words... variable speed. It won't be as chunky as you get with a food processor, but it won't be too far off.
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    Well...It's Friday...

    Merry Christmas FiddleFolks, and happy birthday @NoRest (may you acquire a reaper).
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    Glad I had the foresight....

    I thought @Bmurray was your trusty and most loyal fan.
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    Fiddlebacks and Coffee

    It's 2020, what could possibly go wrong?