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    CRK small 31...Socom Elite?

    Buy the SOCOM then decide? Isn't that what people normally do
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    Knives with holes for reversible clips look like shit. You don't buy a Rolex because you need a basic wrist watch. You buy it because you want a Rolex. Same with CRK.
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    Drop Shut?

    Didn't it start with Norsemens a decade ago? I enjoy playing with my knives and closing action is equally as important.
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    My first 31 is finally here and...

    Probably 999/1000 are built well.
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    world knife shortage

    Knife Center and Blade HQ have a million to choose from on their sites right now and somehow there's a knife shortage LOL
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    Sebenza 31 S45VN's are out

    If CRK is using S45VN on small Sebs that means they used up all of their S35VN for that model.
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    That detent...

    Fingers on lockbar is my guess too.
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    Are the flippers / scalpers going to ruin the the fun?

    Have you thought about how guys like you who collect and hoard knives ruin it for the rest of us? I won't buy collectibles because guys like you drive my cost up. Every coin has 2 sides.
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    Is It Worth It to Customize a Benchmade?

    Crooked Rivers look amazing and the only BM I like. I'd do it in a heartbeat.
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    How to maintain and keep away from scratches? Spyderco s30v Black

    Don't regular white erasers help with that?
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    Renaissance wax protection

    I've read that the wax helps prevent jeans from staining box elder.
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    How do you like the bushingless pivot of the Inkosi vs Sebenza?

    I like both equally but I think the Inkosi set up is the better one. It literally takes only a minute to fine tune it with no chance of wrecking a washer. The only downside is waiting 24 hrs for the locktite to dry.
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    Best US made flipper

    Throw some ceramic bearings in whatever you get if you want best action. I got Skiff. There's also Gillian.
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    "Poster Child" Mnandi?

    Wood is like fingerprints.
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    "Poster Child" Mnandi?

    That's clearly the same handles. Nice one.
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    History of Umnumzaan changes

    Kind of an odd story that you got a new 8 year WC given how quickly these sell out. If it were me I'd get new regular S45VN.
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    Practical use for Hinderer Harpoon grind?

    Isn't a spanto for a slightly thicker and therefore stronger tip compared to a regular spear point and then the harpoon part gives a nice thumb resting place? Harpoon spantos look the best.
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    Recommendation? My first CRK with blade play

    You can phone CRK to ask them how long their current turnaround time is and how to ship it in.
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    Recommendation? Grease VS Oil, the great debate...

    This is the only real grease benefit I think.
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    Demand exceeds supply.