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  1. Dusty One

    Scandi style knife

    Its a Beauty !
  2. Dusty One

    Takedown Ladder Damascus Bowie

    A Real Beauty !!
  3. Dusty One

    man vs. cottonwood

    Great family history in those photos..
  4. Dusty One


    Outstanding work on all !!!
  5. Dusty One

    Photos SharpByCoop's Gallery of Handmade Knives

    Exceptional Photography of Exceptional Work !!
  6. Dusty One

    Two new leather belts fresh off my workbench

    Great looking work !
  7. Dusty One

    Go Mai Hunter

    Beautiful work on the whole package !!
  8. Dusty One

    Lugged hatchet identification / " authentication " ?

    Great catch....Cant wait to see what you do with it !
  9. Dusty One

    Integral Hunter knife, 5" blade

    Its a Beauty !
  10. Dusty One


    Very Nicely Done !
  11. Dusty One

    Frame Handle Cowboy Bowie

    That is really a Beauty...
  12. Dusty One

    Zulu Shadow Pattern

    Very Nice !
  13. Dusty One

    three IWB EDC's. video demo.

    Great looking work as usual !!
  14. Dusty One

    Blade Show Preview

    Very Nice looking work !!
  15. Dusty One

    Black Bowie

    Outstanding !!
  16. Dusty One

    Lets Take a Trip to Arizona...(UPDATE)

    Always like watching these...Thanks for taking the time !
  17. Dusty One

    Space Monkey Knives

    Very Nice looking work !
  18. Dusty One

    Valet Tray

    Great Idea....
  19. Dusty One

    Eureka Jack in Pearl

    Very Nice looking work !