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  1. mmmotorcycle

    Suggestions for bushcraft knife under $100

    Welcome to Bladeforums! The company 'Real Steel' makes a bushcraft model fixed blade that you can find for that price. Condor Knife and Tool also have several options for that price range. My choice would be a Becker BK-16 for that price point.
  2. mmmotorcycle

    Good Full Flat is a gentleman and a scholar!

    Seth (@Fullflat ) is truly the benchmark standard for how everyone should conduct business here on Bladeforums. He communicates quickly and thoroughly. He ships fast with excellent packaging. All the items were in better condition than I expected. If everyone conducted business like Seth...
  3. mmmotorcycle

    Subhilt Chute Knife **SOLD**

    Incredible. Has my jaw dropping. WOW!
  4. mmmotorcycle

    Krein and Matt Paul fixed blades....

    Price drops!!! Thanks for looking.
  5. mmmotorcycle

    Right now, how many knives can you touch?

    I can reach 5 fixed blades and 6 folders right now....... I'm trying to figure out what I can live without and sell. :confused:
  6. mmmotorcycle

    Krein and Matt Paul fixed blades....

    For your consideration….. Two custom fixed blades: A Tom Krein Woodcarver (from 2008) with an aftermarket kydex pocket sheath and aftermarket cranberry micarta scales. Has 3/32 thick A2 steel with about a 3 inch blade and 7 inches overall. This knife has been a user so the condition reflects...
  7. mmmotorcycle

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    Not sure but maybe Klingons would use that and hurt themselves trying. :confused:
  8. mmmotorcycle

    SvartGuld - black gold

    Nice, clean lines! I really like that one. :)
  9. mmmotorcycle

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Afonchenko Mini-Puukko On it's way to me from Ukraine.....
  10. mmmotorcycle

    (HPG Connor Pack)

    Evening folks, I have a Foliage Green Hill People Gear Connor Pack. Seen here: https://www.hillpeoplegear.com/Products/CategoryID/3/ProductID/59 As always, ask any questions you have. I have used this pack on one outing and it is essentially mint condition. Asking $200 shipped with PayPal...
  11. mmmotorcycle

    Dave Wenger Tracker Jr. Package

    Another price drop for the weekend!
  12. mmmotorcycle

    Necker in vintage micarta [SOLD]

    Too cute! I will take it. It even matches the big chopper I have from you. EDIT: payment sent!
  13. mmmotorcycle

    Dave Wenger Tracker Jr. Package

    Not at this time, thank you. :)
  14. mmmotorcycle

    Dave Wenger Tracker Jr. Package

    Mid-week price drop. :)
  15. mmmotorcycle

    Dave Wenger Tracker Jr. Package

    Happy Monday folks. I am just NOT using this one enough to keep it. Approx. Dimensions: OAL: 9.75" Blade Length: 5.25" Blade Thickness: 0.25" Approx. Weight: Weight: 13 oz This one uses 80CRV2 steel, has a tapered tang, and comes with two sheaths. Images: https://imgur.com/a/slBR7wg I...
  16. mmmotorcycle

    Big Agnes, Anso, and Voxnaes (all sold)

    I am dropping the price to $45. If that works for you or anyone else, please email me.