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    Wool vs fleece jackets

    A certain 500 year old plus gun manufacturer makes windproof wool sweaters. I have two & they are my go to for bad weather; not that it gets real cold here. They hold up in a light rain but for heavy downpours I wear a waterproof shell over them. Tom
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    Downtown Atlanta knife stores

    Going gear is good people. I get a lot of flashlights there.
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    New Case 7254HP but I have no horse

    As I look out over my pasture I thank God knives don"t eat. Tom in cracker country.
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    Just picked up a sharpmaker and two of the UF sticks! WOW

    My sharpmaker is in the mail so this is nice to read. Thank you for considering the upgrade steel in Tenacous. For some reason that knife just fits me and I will be among the first to get one in the new steel. Tom in cracker country
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    Look to buy a new one and want to know opinions (just for fun)

    Do not have a peanut, but I have had a chestnut bone cv SBJ since it first came out. There is something about a Bose design that is intrinsically satisfying; chestnut bone is the most beautiful scale case puts out (purely a personal esthetic); the cv steel is very sharp and easy to keep sharp...
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    Starting to appreciate the smaller ones

    Beautiful evocative composition; great photography. Many of us have travelled the same path towards smaller blades. Welcome. Tom
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    Preventing Rust on Carbon Backsprings: Recommendations?

    Sorry to repeat but either Q tips & mineral oil (older knife) or or hot, hot water/dry & tuf glide (new knife). Works for me. Tom
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    Flashlight Recommendation

    Just gave my Fenix TK12 to my wife for things that go bump in the night; had to make room for a TK21. Had the TK12 for 2 yrs & used it every work day on construction sites; took care of it & it looks new. If you are looking for something to use as a hammer or weapon it might not fill the bill...
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    info on moore maker knives

    Just to reinforce what has been said, the Queen & Camillus made knives that I have (several) are very good. I would give them a slight edge over Case. Regarding their lower end I can't comment on Utica quality but Bear does not have a good reputation. Tom
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    Just bought a Fenix PD31

    I can't speak to this specific model, but I originally bought a TK-11 was extremely impressed; then when the lumen war escalated in my office I got a TK-21. Tough as nails, very bright and no problems. We have six of them in the office (Inspectors), no problems at all. We all love them. Tom
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    Are the Case Tony Bose knives good users?

    Anything with Bose on it breathes quality; but there is more to it than that. I have a swayback jack and a backpocket, both in CV and one is almost always in my pocket, they are real users and very reasonably priced for their quality. Both are great and punch well above their weight; I can...
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    Powerful Long-Lasting Flashlight ?

    I use a Fenix TK 21; got it with 2 18850 rechargable batteries & charger for about a hundred bucks. I am very pleased with it. Tom
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    Recommendation for a budget traditional knife with a lanyard hole? >

    Both the Case backpocket and the AG Russell Cowboy and they are my most carried knives. We use a woven leather thong through the lanyard hole & would highly recommend both. The cowboy is < $40 shipped and a smaller version is available. The CV case with chestnut bone is as beautiful as the...
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    Case Swayback and Backpocket

    One or the other is usually in my pocket or sheath (oops). The Tony Bose cv models always seem sharper than my other Cases. Cut some fresh picked tomatoes with the BP for supper but it has a long way to go before it gets anywhere near the elegant patina of yours. And you sure ar giving...
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    Lower End Steel in Traditionals?

    I enjoy touching up the edges of my knives; there is a connection and tactile satisfaction to it. We have a leather strop screwed to the side of a cabinet at work & it serves as a cracker barrel, we strop or knives and have a relaxed chat; don't seem to have a "communication" problem. I think...
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    Domestic Manners of the Americans: Case Large Texas Toothpick (610098 SS)

    Knives, history, literature; well presented with good music (what was that anyway). In our southern patois "don't get no better than that." Thank you, Tom
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    Laguiole de L'Artisan question

    Have a 9mm L'Artisan, F&F are good with the exception of the daylight between springs & liners. Beautiful knife with smooth operation & great snap. I really like the 12C27, it takes a fine edge with a couple of swipes on a ceramic stick. Was a gift so I can't judge the price differential but...
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    The Vest Thread

    Wear one (Duluth) on the job on a regular basis. Carries a lot of stuff you dont have to go back to the truck for or would otherwise be hanging on your belt. Business cards, ID, flashlight, pens, markers and highlighters, notebook, cell phone, tape, camera, magnifier, calculator & whatever...