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    Shaman Z-Wear Sprint

    Well, I suppose I am VERY late to the party! I got a text and an email today from Blade HQ that they were in stock. I IMMEDIATELY hit the link and they were already gone. I wonder if that was a glitch in their system, like they were late with notifications. That’s a definite bummer. I have been...
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    Is This Normal?

    I haven’t just because I didn’t want to do anything to the knife before I talked to Blade HQ or We Knife, so that I wouldn’t void the warranty. The thing is though, it’s completely covering the other side. It’s definitely not oil but I thought maybe a beeswax or something. I was really hoping...
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    Is This Normal?

    Thank you We Knife. I will be in touch. I appreciate your interest! We will work it out, no worries. I agree. When I returned the first one, they sent me a big long list of terms to be able to accept the knife, which I’m sure is standard. They said they would need to inspect it and...
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    Is This Normal?

    Actually I did, but they weren’t really helpful. I returned that one and they gave me an in-store credit but they never actually said if it was normal or not. I bought another one and it looks the same, that’s why I’m asking. I thought maybe it was some kind of beeswax or something that may just...
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    Is This Normal?

    Is this normal on the finish of a Practic? It looks like they are trying to make sure to not get finish on the pivot, which is understandable, but looks weird and unfinished. Does that finish wear off and even out? thanks for your help! Edit: I can't seem to insert the image in the post but...
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    The CRK Anticipation Thread - Show Your 'Inbound's!

    First CRKs!! So...This was last week's purchase. Of course, I caught the bug and had to double down. This one is on the way.
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    One Tool Solution Camp Knife?

    I’m a fan of Esee knives. They make a great Nessmuk (JG-5) that is perfect for all camp chores except probably batoning. They also make the PR-4 which is a Kephart that would work better for batoning along with every other camp chore. The PR-4 is not much to look at (kind of like a prison shank)...
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    New hunting knives soon?

    Awesome, thanks! I am loving the s90v anyway. That's what I want!
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    New hunting knives soon?

    I never saw any info about BM discontinuing their fixed blade hunting knives. They still have them in stock on the BM website as well as retailers such as Blade HQ. Was this a mistake or are they selling off stock and then discontinuing the line? I have been eyeballing both the Hidden Canyon...