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  1. tockay

    Anodizing.. any good sites that offer services?

    LEEWATTANA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. will do anodizing of all types. Their website is www.leewattana-anodize.com
  2. tockay

    Kizer Cutlery - experiences?

    I recently purchased a kizer Kane vanguard series. I know the vanguard series is the low end of Kizer vg10 steel not s35vn but the overall quality and finish is superb, better than most US made folders. I am very happy with this knife, action is smooth as silk. I really like the Nomad with the...
  3. tockay

    Sharpener recommendation ?

    The Ruixin Pro 2nd gen. is a good system, cheap about $20 ebay, produces results as good as any $200-300 system. There is a thread on the forum that discusses this system. Worth a look. Or if you have plenty of money and want the best the Tsprof is a superior engineered system also reviewed in...
  4. tockay

    Starting a new love affair, need help with Heat Treat

    There is a really thorough book out call "Metallurgy of Steel for Bladesmiths & Others who Heat Treat and Forge Steel" by John D. Verhoeven Emeritus Professor Iowa State University This was written particularly for knifemakers to give them a very good understanding of how to handle and treat...
  5. tockay

    Spine whacking? WHY????

    If you are in a self defence situation the last thing you want is your opponent to hit the back of your blade and find you have a useless piece of metal in your hand, assuming it doesn't cut your fingers whren it closes. Your life might depend on it being solid.
  6. tockay

    How to remove a scale screw with a broken head????

    Don't know the size of the screw but you could drill the screw with a drill press then use an easyout to unscrew it.
  7. tockay

    tightening pivot causes dent?

    Bearings running on titanium does not sound right. If that is the case that is a poor design. The bearings should run on a case hardened steel insert in the titanium. Some framelocks using titanium have steel inserts to avoid the wear from steel on titanium.
  8. tockay

    Rogue, Escort and Nomad

    What does anyone think of gold anodizing the hardware and stand offs. To me this lifts design above the grey of the titanium without being in your face. On the existing nomad it would look like:
  9. tockay

    You can only pick one knife to carry for the rest of your days here on earth

    If only one, it would be a fixed blade and one these customs
  10. tockay

    Apex Edge Pro, Wicked Edge or KME Sharpening System For Busse & Kin Knives ??

    As far as maintaining a constant angle isn't the Edge Pro fundumentally flawed. As soon as you move the stone away from the center line the angle will decrease, that is basic geometry. The further from the center line you work the more the angle will decrease. The distance fom pivot to blade is...
  11. tockay

    Show us your Kizers!

    At the moment I have only one, the Kizer Kane Vanguard. I love the blade shape, the finish and overall quality is superb. I am saving for the Dirk Pinkerton collab. nomad with the beautiful Persian style upswept blade, WOW
  12. tockay

    The Sunday Picture Show... (10-16-2016) ... (107 green handle)

    An oldy but a goody. The Buck 119 special. One of my favorite fixed blades. The balance of the knife is perfect, it so light in the hand. The larger 120 too big and the balance moves down the blade.
  13. tockay

    The Sunday Picture Show... (10-9-2016)

    Sorry, I mis-understood the thread. You put out a new thread each Sunday.
  14. tockay

    Edge Pro Alternatives

    The sharpening system is just a tool to help maintain your knives, the same as you need torx screwdrivers. Are you going to pay $20-30 dollars per screwdriver if you want the best. you generally need 3 T6 T8 T10 that comes to between $60-90. I think you need to put into perspective what you...
  15. tockay

    The Sunday Picture Show... (10-9-2016)

    A recent purchase. An old favorite the Buck 119 Special
  16. tockay

    Edge Pro Alternatives

    I had the same problem using stones and hand sharpening. I now have one of the Chinese sharpeners off ebay. It is similar but not the same as the Edge Pro. The amount of sharpening I do would never justify the cost of the American edge Pro. I have added some extra stones up to 6000 grit and can...
  17. tockay

    Looking for a good quality Karambit

    A folding knife is not the ideal fighting knife. If my life depended on it I would go for a small tactical fixed blade you need to remember when the chips are down there is no second chance. Even the best liner locks and frame locks have been shown to fail when struck hard enough on the back of...
  18. tockay

    YOUR favorite folding knife company and why?

    I am a fan of the Chinese knives, Kizer. The Kizer Kane Ki5467 a collaboration between Matt degnan and Kizer is a gem and is my favorite. Beautifully built using the best materials. The quality of these knives is as good and better than many of the well known US production companies and...
  19. tockay

    Recommended Sharpening Systems?

    I found a system called Ruixan Pro on Ebay cost about $30, bought a few extra stones so I have sones from 120 to 6000 grit, though unless reprofiling only use the 1500 and 6000 followed by strpping with green compound. The Ruixan Pro works something like and Edge Pro. I can get hair whittling...
  20. tockay

    Show us your bearings

    I understand what GatorFlash1 is saying. The function of a knife is not just to be opened and closed. In terms of bearings, they work really well and give the smoothest opening and closing I have experienced. That is good as long as the forces on the blade are rotational, if there are lateral...