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    Screwed by Patriot Leather!

    I don't think Paypal will help you much after 7 mo's. But I guess it's good to make a complaint anyway.
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    Nocturnal Knives / Karg Knife Scam

    I would assume that this is the infamous one? http://www.nocturnalknives.com/dealers.html How in the hell is he still in business? Plus it looks like he has a list of dealers. One in particular is active on this site.
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    cold steel master hunter vs Ontario rat 5.

    Uh, truck springs and lawn mower blades are 5160 steel. But I could be wrong.....? Actually I'm pretty sure truck springs are 5160. Lawn mower blades, I have no idea.
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    Ugliest Traditionals

    Ya'll ever see one of those knives that have the clear covers with the game inside. You know. You roll the B.B. around and try to ring the hole? And an Elephant toe. Plus anything with a bail. Can't stand'em. An?d I'm in complete agreement with those cheap lady leg knives. What's up with that?
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    What watch do you wear?

    IF I were going to spend money on a watch, this is what I would buy. What year is it? But since I'm cheap, and since I've never bought a watch in my life, I sometimes wear a Timex Ironman Triathlon Shock. Amazing timepiece. Amazing you say? Well yea. My dad had this watch and bought...
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    Nice. This is completely different that what I'm used to seeing from you. Tip looks familiar though. Well done! I'm sure it's razor sharp.
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    Spraying WD-40 on a folder?

    Breakfree is fine. Smells like crap. Does it contain any traces of Muriatic Acid?
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    Spraying WD-40 on a folder?

    Really? Do ya'll know what "WD40" actually stands for? WD 40 stands for "water dry 40th composititon". So, where did WD40 come from? A group of scientist's were tasked with finding a product that would keep corrosion from forming on Nuclear warheads. Nuclear warheads that were sitting in a...
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    I'd look on the Knifemakers "for sale" forum. $250 buys you a lot of knife.
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    Buying from smoker/nonsmokers?

    I'll keep it in mind if I ever decide to sell a knife, to disclose that I'm a smoker. Anything else? Gay? Trans? Bi? Gunowner? Non-gunowner? Hippie? Breeder? Lefty? Righty? Democrat? Republican? High School graduate? College Grad? Etc......?
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    Spyderco Salt 1 and Victorinox Custom SAK Pioneer

    friggin' Blade forum emails. What is the problem with posting pay pal address? I really don't understand. This crap keeps on happening. A lot. What is your paypal address? Can't you just post it and be done? Are you afraid someone might just send you some money that you didn't request?
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    All sold!!! Thanks BF

    Payment sent for American Lawman. I think. Apparently it didn't go through. I'll try again. Done. Thanks!
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    All sold!!! Thanks BF

    I'll take the American Lawman. Could you post your pp info? Have not had a lot of luck with PM's. Email is [email protected]
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    I Say Goodbye...

    Never look back.... Seriously though. I don't think I've ever had a fifth last more than a week. There are bottles of Scotch that you can't replace? Then drink it as soon as possible with friends or family you can't replace. An edit is in order. NEVER waste your "good stuff" on someone...
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    Connor's tomahawk

    Sure it is! But dont' you think that the tomahawk is also functional? I don't know what kind of strength the cutout of the blade costs? Looks to still have plenty of meat left on the bone. But it would surely make it quicker and lighter. Everything else, with a little embellishment...
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    "I'll take it" or not

    Here's an idea. Why not post your paypal info in the "For Sale" thread? Is it For Sale? Or not..........
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    Best Production Knife for Skinning

    You said "skinning knife", right. Well here you go. http://www.svord.com/index.php?id_product=48&controller=product Svord 677MCR.
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    Stay away from MFCknifenTOOL (aka Matt Freeman NOT "CharlieMike")

    You didn't? Anyone who has never woke up with a tattoo on his/her face hasn't actually lived. MFCknifen is a crook and a liar. Stay away.
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    Ripped Off by Dustin Turpin Knives– Deal with Caution.

    So. How are things going? Get your knives yet? Or has Dustin Turpin still not produced? If Dustin Turpin finally produces the knives does that make everything alright? It wouldn't for me. Have you requested the watch back? I'd tell him screw it, give me my damn watch back. Oh. I forgot. He...
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    Streamlight's sold

    Payment sent. Thanks!