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  1. Radden95

    Retracted - delete

    keeping for now
  2. Radden95

    Please remove

    940 still available
  3. Radden95

    Please remove

  4. Radden95

    Please remove

    Retracted - please delete
  5. Radden95


    Payment sent. Thanks again!
  6. Radden95


    Hey - I will take the manix if still available. Thanks!
  7. Radden95

    (SOLD)Microtech ultratech Live 2020 edition

    You got it, I will PM you for details!
  8. Radden95

    (SOLD)Microtech ultratech Live 2020 edition

    Hey all, Selling this brand new ultratech I purchased during the microtech live show. Knife is brand new, unused and comes in original box. Stonewashed 204p blade steel. $SOLD shipped PayPal g&s CONUS only. First to comment “I’ll take it” gets it followed by a pm for details. Please know your...
  9. Radden95

    Collection sell off 43 knives...more later

    I will take 31. Mini mojo and 36. Groove
  10. Radden95

    Best Options for Storing Folders Long Term

    Thank you all for the advice - all this is really helpful. Thinking about just using the desiccant packs that i ordered and will see how those work. Also thinking about going with the Nalpak insert with a legit Pelican case as well, but the plastic container idea sounds good as well. Ordered so...
  11. Radden95

    Best Options for Storing Folders Long Term

    Hey Bf, Wondering what the best options are out there for storing folders, primarily "tactical" folders I guess. Right now I use an Apache 3800 case (similar to a Pelican Case) with the pick/pluck foam inserts. While this has been a good method for me, I've encountered a few issues and wanted...
  12. Radden95

    Case trapper collection

    I will take the mediterranean blue smooth bone trapper if you are selling individually. Sent a PM to you just now.
  13. Radden95

    COLLECTION OF KNIVES: NEW Pro-Tech/Benchmade/Microtech/Rob Dalton

    i will take the mirror blade Brend Cocobolo ($145)
  14. Radden95

    ---WITHDRAWN--- Kershaw NRG and Blur

    You got it - I will PM you for details.