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    Small parts vise - build along

    Making the pool cue ball handle Epoxy the threaded rod in The final parts I added leather jaws
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    Small parts vise - build along

    Bolt the entire unit together solid and grind in the jaws to your liking
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    Small parts vise - build along

    In this photo you can see the arc Heat treat the spring After hardening (oil quenching), I just tempered with a torch and quenched in water once an appropriate blue temper was obtained
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    Small parts vise - build along

    Then mark the hole, drill and tap 5/16”-18 Take a piece of ½” wide, .060-.070 thick, 3.25” piece of 15n20 and drill a 9/32 hole for the ¼” screw to go through. I then form in an arc.
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    Small parts vise - build along

    Next drill the 5/16” hole – note after I drill the 5/16” hole, I will enlarge the top and bottom such that the 5/16” bolt can rock in the hole when the jaws open and close.
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    Small parts vise - build along

    I use this small part vise all the time in the shop when I am working on guards. I clamp this small parts vise in my larger bench vise and it is very secure and easy to use with the pool cue handle. I used to use a small machinists parallel clamps for this job, but ever since I made this vise...
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    Show Off Your Grinder(s) - (V4.0)

    Here are a few I made over the years:
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    Recommendation? 2'' Diameter Contact Wheels?

    I have the Beaumont on the top wheel of my platen. I just recently bought a 2” from Aliexpress and can’t really tell the difference - it was significantly cheaper of course so if you can deal with the wait, I would go that route.
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    Which Portable Bandsaw?

    I have 2 dewalts and zero complaints. I would consider making your own table set up as they are easy to make and can be better than a swag - specifically you can make a table where you can change out the blades without taking the bandsaw off. If you Google “Dewalt portable bandsaw stand” you...
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    Cutting Inlay Shields

    Bill said it. I use them as well and they are top notch. Much easier and much less room than a panto as well.
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    416 stainless heat treat

    Probably doesn’t help all that much on scratches, but I do it primarily because it works so nice in a hardened state.
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    416 stainless heat treat

    For guards and integral liners (for slipjoints) I put 416 (in stainless foil) in the oven at 1900 for 30 min, then temper at 1100 for 2 hours. This produces around 32-33rc. It machines and works beautifully at low to mid 30’s
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    South Bend 9 Lathe

    Get it! You’ll use it to make all kinds of jigs and stuff around the shop in addition to pivots for folders.
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    Sewing machine for sheaths. What do you use?

    I use a cobra class 3 bought from industrialsewingmachineman. It is perfect for sheaths, but once you get one you may start to make other, larger stuff like bags, etc. And therefore if I were to do it all over again, I’d probably buy the cobra class 4 as the deeper throat would really help with...
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    Slip joint and folders screws

    I’ve been using sexbolts (7/64) for the spring and (1/8) for the pivot. Thus, the sleeve goes all the way through both liners and spring/blade and I think is a much more secure way to do it.
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    Heat Treat Oven - Build or Buy?

    They are fairly easy to build. I built mine and love it...I spent around 800ish if I recall. The next time though I think I will simply purchase one as the new controllers they have now are very nice and WIFI friendly. If you do build one, I highly suggest making it a 220v unit (it will heat...
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    Reeder vs KMG

    Reeder for sure!
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    2x72 tilt horizontal feature and slip joint making

    Yes. Get it! My horizontal is the most used grinder in my shop and especially for slipjoints.
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    Finished KMG Clone Build

    I made my second Belt grinder just as you described - a double decker kmg clone. Worked great and very easy to add on later just as you noted.