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    main site down?

    The main HI website appears to be down. I hope all is well with the company.
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    Chiruwa Ang Khola

    I have 3 of Vim's blades (18" Sirupati and two M-43s). All are very well done. In my experience, most HI Khukuris don't come very sharp, but they're great once you sharpen them up.
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    Online Store Down?

    The online store link from the main HI site doesn't seem to be working. I know I can email Yangdu directly, but somebody should probably check it out.
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    15' angkhola handle questions

    My CAK has a hot spot, but that's because the scales are horn and have shrunk slightly. Other than that, I've never felt a need to tinker with the handles.
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    how to order a himalayan imports kukri

    Or use the online store. http://www.himalayan-imports.com/
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    Clearing the fence-line with HI

    email sent on the dog. ;)
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    Okay, seriously? This is how I spend my free time and still keep a girlfriend?

    Sher makes them tough. I have a 16.5" WW2, CAK, 21" Chitlangi, and a Kumar Karda by Sher, and each one is excellent.
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    My first Khuk!

    Nice looking khuk! I have a Sher CAK, and it's a monster!
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    Khukri Question

    In my experience, about 1 in 10 won't need sharpening when it arrives.
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    Sher kami

    Very happy to hear that Sher is doing better!
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    Need help to identify the Kami

    Sher is one of the best! I have four of his knives, and all are fantastic. He was having some medical problems a few weeks ago; I hope he's doing better.
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    Vim's work is great. I have one of his M-43s that is simply amazing.
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    Prettiest khuk?

    As far as looks go, I've yet to see anything that beats a nice chitlangi.
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    A Khukuri in the kitchen?

    Wow. I cooked professionally for six years, and I wouldn't have thought a khukuri would be suited for any of that ... blade too thick ... but that was awesome. Must be a helluva edge on that thing to do that work so well.
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    email sent on the carrot.
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    Shipment delay

    I wonder if there's a Chitlangi Bowie in one of those boxes? ;-)
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    Pradip's trip to Dharan

    What a great post! Thank you. I'm glad Sher and the others are back.
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    somebody posted this link here a good while back. It's how I figured out how to sharpen. http://home.nycap.rr.com/sosak/convex.htm
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    Differences between Kamis thread

    Sorry to hear Sher is no longer with the shop. He made some really remarkable knives -- probably my favorite kami.
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    Sometimes I wonder

    Buying HI khukris is the most guilt-free buying I do. Do I need another? Of course not, and my wife hates them. But not only are you helping Yangdu make a living, you're directly supporting -- putting meat on the table -- probably a couple or few dozen people in one of the poorest countries...