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    List Your "Top 3" Spydercos

    Para 2 Delica/Endura ( I know I am cheating) Barong
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    Benchmade 615 or 940 for EDC?

    I go for the 940; it has a decent size blade. Quick to deploy and close. And comes in a nice size package.
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    delica dismantling?

    dismentaling a delica is not an issue. But reassembling not so much.
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    When you get a new knife, after checking it out, do you tweak it?

    I usually add some mineral oil on the pivot point and move the pocket clip for left hand carry.
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    Flipper EDC Options for under $100

    Kershaw NRG II is a good option.
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    Paramilitary2 or military?

    I prefer the para-2 due to the options of having the clip placed on the left hand side and tip-up carry.
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    If you could only save 8 knives...

    All my knives are stored in two shoe boxes (low tech for sure) under my bed. So I just grab both and run.
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    Smaller alternative to Para-Military 2?

    It depends on your preference, I have both but my I carry my delica more often. I just feel that the handle length of the Caly 3 was too short.
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    Kopas and More Kopas

    Nice collection :thumbup:
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    What did your Spydie cut today?

    Boxes, packing tape, duck tape and more packing tape
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    Sharpest production knife out of the box you have ever got?

    My paramilitary 2 and Kershaw NRG II
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    Tell me about 8Cr13M0V

    I agree with Habbuk, 8cr13mov is comparable with AUS 8, 8cr edge retention is below a properly heat treated AUS 8. And 8cr is almost on par with AUS 8 in terms of rust resistance.
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    The Knife you'll NEVER get rid of....

    My Para 2, delica 4, BM 940 and BM 710. Will always be in my collection.
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    Cold Steel Master Tanto 6 inch problems?

    To me it looks like a used knife. And Philwar is right someone messed around with that lanyard hole and created all that damage. A lanyard hole made by a drill press will leave sharpend edges, not a ragged one like that.
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    Tacticlol Knives

    All I can say is that I am shocked; :eek: (not in a good way)
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    Which EDC to get: Native, FFG Delica, other?

    I recommend the delica either in the FFG or saber grind. For some reason the Native does not appeal to me. The stretch is a good option as well if you wish to have a longer blade.
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    Knives for Lefties

    The axis lock (or any of its variations) lock back, work well for lefties. The spyderco compression lock I find to be lefty friendly. I tend to stay away from liner and frame locks since they are too inconvenient for me to use.
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    The un-findable Paramilitary 2

    Gald to hear this info, looking forward in getting another one.