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    Kershaw 420HC vs Buck 420HC

    I could do that, but then I wouldn't get the opinions from other people that may know the answer to my question. Plus my money tree has shed all it's money and I'd have less money if I bought something that didn't work like I had hoped. So, If you have had experience with these 2 steels please...
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    Kershaw 420HC vs Buck 420HC

    I currently own a Buck knife with 420HC and would like to try one of the Kershaw Scallion knives. My Buck didn't want to stay sharp at first but after some time on a diamond stone and a few month of using it. It now holds a pretty decent edge if you use it like a knife and don't abuse it. You...
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    Can the VG-10 take the heat?

    Yeah, I posted this on the SpyderCo forum as well. I just trying to get as many people input before buying my FIRST $30+ knife.....hahaa And thanks for taking the time to post again here. Every little bit of info helps.
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    Can the VG-10 take the heat?

    So I'm ready to move up in the steel world. I'll try to make this short and simple. I'm looking at the Delica 4 in VG-10 steel. It may at times see days in a sweaty pocket. I don't want to carry a bottle of oil around with me. I want to wipe it down with fresh clean tap water and then...
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    420HC Corrosion resistance?

    I've had a few knives in the past but nothing you would call "High Quality/Price" manly due to the fact that my knives are subjected to a pretty harsh environment. After have a couple knives that didn't stand up to the being soaked in sweat, covered in gas, and oil and numerous other liquids...
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    Price of a NKCA 1983 Case Hunt

    I have a NKCA 1983 Case knife . Model #C61050L. The Blade says "1 of 6000" the handle end on the metal part says 4095. It has slight scuff marks on the blade from opening and closing it. And can most likely be polished out. Never used, or Sharpened. I am clueless on knives, and hope...
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    Benchmade AUS steel?

    Thank you guys. I think you gave me a path to start on. Looking for a "good" corrosion resistant steel. Here is my situation I currently mow lawns, and carry a CRKT with an AUS-4 blade. The edge was gone at the end of the week from cutting WeedEater Line and every thing else I gut on a daily...
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    Benchmade AUS steel?

    Is the Benchmade AUS-8 steel, as good or comparable to the CRKT steels? I just purchased a Mini-Ambush (My first Benchmade). I currently own a CRKT(AUS-4). I really bought it to see IF there would be any real difference in the performance. The only down side I can see with the Benchmade is...
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    Gerber Big Rock

    Figured it's time to introduce my self. I've never owned any real expensive knives. I have a couple case knives, older given to me. I picked up the Gerber big Rock for $30.00 this week end at Bass Pro. I figured it was worth a shot, and owning a few other Gerber's in the past. They seem to...