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    Edc bolo

    sic looking chopper, love the edge profile
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    FT Nivejunckey Custom Balisong

    bump please
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    FT Nivejunckey Custom Balisong

    - 9.5" overall - 9oz - 440c blade - 303 stainless handles Ball bearing pivots (smooth as butter, and 0 blade/handle play) Pocket clip has been removed by the maker, not included, flipps better without it Handle finish in photos is a high polish, has been brought down to a 400grit finish by...
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    Drunken knife ordering?

    Oh my god dude !! This is SOOO me, I've bought so much crap drunk that I shouldn't have. Need to hide my key's and my debit when I drink! LMFAO
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    I love my Izula

    Killing a Boar with a 3" knife would be an incredible feat..:eek: I may be the only one, but I Hated my Izula. 1. The edge was WAY to fat, didn't slice well at all 2. The sheath sucked it'd probably be great for wood carving, but I don't know how you'd skin with it, didn't do a good job of...
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    Natchez Bowie

    I found it on a couple sites, listed as Out of Stock for like $160, same prices as the SK-5 Laredo. Not a bad price, but you'd have to get a custom sheath, the one that comes with it..:barf:
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    Stud lock miss.

    For how weak the deployment on the Spec-bump was I could have done without the speed-safe. Same problem with both of my ZTs, it just bugs me when springs are so weak. :thumbdn:
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    Stud lock miss.

    thats what I thought when I got my Spec-Bump
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    Natchez Bowie

    yeah, the SK-5 Natchez. the carbon steel makes more sense too, but the sheath on that thing sucks, i want the leather one hhmmmmmm, that is a sexy voorhis ..
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    Natchez Bowie

    I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm not asking for any one to give me something. This is a little unorthodox but I figured it would be easier than organizing a pass around. I was wondering if there was someone with a cold steel Natchez bowie that would feel comfortable letting me rent...
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    Why is the SOG Super Bowie ~$199?

    i wouldnt buy it the only reason i still have my Seal Pup is no one is willing to buy it
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    which should I get?

    which should I buy? Only have money for one:(
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    My number came up for a new 3.5" XM-18. Is $625.00 too much?

    I would get the Hinderer. but thats just me. the ZT and the HEST folder aren't going anywhere.
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    Emerson, Cold Steel, CRKT, SOG

    all posts replied to most of them anyway..
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    Emerson, Cold Steel, CRKT, SOG

    Knives for Trade 1. gone 2. Emerson cqc-7a. Action Concepts 45 out of 100. - Box/paperwork included. Carried and used. The edge on this thing is perfect(only really cut cardboard/tape with it) and is Very sharp. I disassembled it and cleaned the parts with acetone then locktighted the...
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    X-MAS Wish list

    I'm currently saving for a Darrel Ralph Mad Maxx 5.5 don't know if I'll have it by Xmass, oh well..
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    Integral and Plasma

    Maybe if I hold my mouth over the keyboard the drool will type what my fingers cant?...
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    Al Mar Falcon Classic Talon 1003BMT

    OOOooooo Do I see brass ?
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    Lets See Your Skull Rings!

    i used to have a skull ring, never wore it because it interfered with balisong flipping Maybe I should get some jewelry for my left hand?