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    What happened to Buck Knives?

    I don't understand this at all. I have the CSAR and it is one great knife. It is amazingly tough, great steel, terrific G10 rocky tread handle and a hell of a bargain. Also one of the sharpest knives out of the box I ever bought. I also have the Buck Vantage Pro and have been EDC'ng it for...
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    Cold Steel Voyager clippoint PE 4"

    I am putting this on my "must get list". I beat up on my edc and use a rajah 3. I must admit I really like the givory handle.
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    Leatherman Wave vs Charge AL

    I have had both. I have the charge with the 154cm blade and it is MUCH better than the 420hc version. The real info here is that the Charge does not bite into the hand as much if you are going to use it a lot. If you have gloves then it is not important. Bit kit is very useful and use it...
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    Favorite Steel

    +1 on this. I have VG-10, S30v, AUS8 (hate this steel), etc. Very good edge retention, durable and sharpens to a wicked edge. Favorite is Crucible's 154 version.
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    Prayers for my son

    I pray that G-d watches over your son and returns him to you a better person than when he deployed. Thank you to your son for watching over us and to you for raising him.
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    Need a good knife that's $60 or less!

    Great suggestions. I would also throw in the cold steel lawman or ak47. Triad lock is really strong.
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    Multi Tool Recommendation?

    +1 on this. I have it and worth every penny.
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    Let's see your good old basic fixed blades, Bowie's, Stickers, etc.

    Depends what I am doing. For camping and survival I go with a tops smoke jumper. Great for battening wood. I also have a Bravo 1 that I really love S well.
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    Need a good knife that's $60 or less!

    This is a great choice.
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    BK2 Issue.

    Mooks do we have a happy ending?
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    Discrete and complete

    I think anything with a 2 1/2" blade would be fine. Check out the buck alpha dorato. I own it and no one ever flinches. If you really want to be PC then get a victorianox.
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    BK2 Issue.

    If I were you (and I am not) I would call the vendor from whom you bought it and ask for an exchange. If that does not work out I would send it back to kabar. No sense in having a knife that will bother you every time you pick it up. Putting your own marks on it (aka giving it some love) is...
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    Discrete and complete

    +1 on this or the Kershaw scamp is geat for under $20. I use it all the time and keeps a wicked edge.
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    Need a good knife that's $60 or less!

    I like the idea of the buck 110. How about a cold steel spartan?
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    life expectancy of a user knife

    I have a cold steel rajah 3 with AUS8 steel and beat the crud out of it everyday since they came out with them. I like the triad lock and the handle fits my hand perfectly. AUS8 steel is "OK" and will sharpen it weekly or twice weekly. It looks pretty much the same as the day I bought it and...
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    Traveling to Saint Lucia, Can I bring my knife?

    If aske you can say that you are planning some day hikes into their beautiful island.
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    Blast problems

    +1 on this. Send it in. You have nothing to lose.
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    LM Charge AL: Blade play?

    I have a charge alx. You should send it in if there is blade play when locked in.
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    New Leatherman Product: Style CS ... with pliers

    Unfortunately nothing is TSA friendly including the TSA.
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    Leatherman's warranty

    Good luck on this. Bet you get a new one.