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  1. upnorth

    Steelophiles-what's so important about the type of steel?

    I have to come back to this thread when I can. It will be a great learning opportunity.
  2. upnorth

    Help Finding Name for Knife

    Regardless of where this thread came from, or went, I appreciate the F.S. link.
  3. upnorth

    Filleting knife of choice ?

    Thanks for the tips all. I grabbed a Dexter 7 inch off the big river.
  4. upnorth

    Collecting vs Using?

    I started out as buying and using. Now I'm in some strange opague zone of not being a collector, yet buying for lust ? Fun? An instant gratification endorphin bump ? Dunno, and don't care much anymore. I've had some knives for years and never used them. But I would in a heart beat if the...
  5. upnorth

    OPINEL. Which "larger" one should I consider for next purchase ?

    I got a 12 stainless a few years back. Being an unrefined Neanderthal, the blade seems a bit on the thinnish side for my taste. It's a big handful of Opinel though, and a serious slicer.
  6. upnorth

    Filleting knife of choice ?

    I decided to get back into fresh water fishing this year, after a multi year absence. I found most of my, and the wardens gear. But it looks like the filleting knife is gone. Any suggestions for Walleye and Pike? I'm thinking about 7.5 inch blade, and I'm wondering what you like to use other...
  7. upnorth

    Recommendation? Is a Rat 1 still worth it today?

    I like everything about the Rats. The big ones have great hand feel. I started off with a 1 and ended up with 6-7 of them? One is in D2 but I'm fine with the AUS8. I ended up grabbing a couple of RAT2's out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised by them. I'll grab another 2 with orange scales...
  8. upnorth

    Opinion on the Cold Steel Spartan

    ipad glitching
  9. upnorth

    Opinion on the Cold Steel Spartan

    I avoided this one for years, as a one trick tactical pony. But the stubby tank grew on me. The Rajah 3 was too cramped in an xl hand and this felt good.
  10. upnorth

    Every time I want to pull the trigger on buying the CS Wild West Bowie, I change my mind...

    I almost pressed the button last year. But I can't get past the Frankenstein finger guards, and I have no interest in cutting/grinding them. I have enough big wood whackers.
  11. upnorth

    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    Knives you want but can't obtain Pretty much any toy over $150.00. Metal detecting and fishing seasons are starting. My play money only goes so far.
  12. upnorth

    SAK toolset - which one comes closest?

    The thought of scissors in one of my SAK's makes my skin crawl. But to each their own.
  13. upnorth

    Bungled up the handle wrap a bit

    Looks good to me. I have some CS shovels with para cord under the hockey tape. Looks like frozen hell, but it's a dandy grip.
  14. upnorth

    What's up next, on your Cold Steel 'Want List'?

    Maybe the 4 Max Scout if it comes around in DLC. The drop forged wasp also has no earthly use for me, but I'll likely end up with one. And although the wrong forum, I'm pondering one of the newer Buck 110's in S35v and nickel silver bolsters. I thought that my 110 days where over, but this is fresh.
  15. upnorth

    Your least favorite Cold Steel knife

    You too. I just have the regular Bushman. This may sound weird but..... It has this strong funky Cosmoline ? smell on it that I like. It kind of reminds me of my Army Cadet days as a youngster.
  16. upnorth

    Innocuous/discreet carry knives

    What I carry on my key chain currently is a Vic Pioneer. No one at work has fainted or soiled themselves over its presence. And I suppose that my Izula 2's are drop in pocket discrete. But I've lived long enough, and had enough sketch experiences, that I'll pack the big stuff discretely also...
  17. upnorth

    Your least favorite Cold Steel knife

    G I Tanto. Maybe I expected more from all the drooling and hype over it. I tossed it in a tub and I don't think that I've ever used it.
  18. upnorth

    Love my new range boss (black)

    Ya the RB2 is a fun little cheapie with SK-5. Great overall value, and if lost or broken no sweat.
  19. upnorth

    Pet peeve of the day - blade coatings

    I have many coated and uncoated. I find that coated and or semi stainless allow lazy SOB's like myself to get away with less than ideal maintenance. I generally sharpen and oil after use, generally. But some in the tubs only get an annual oiling if not taken out.