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  1. J

    Any Dragonfly lovers? (Now I am)

    My Dfly2 VG10 is the only knife I really carry as a daily anymore. Used to cary Enduras all the time but I found out I could do anything with the Dfly that I could with an Endura, and it takes up less pocket space. I'd really like to get one of the H1s and the new Orange one.
  2. J

    Spyderco's in Dallas/Fort Worth?

    Ahh if only Sportsman's Warehouse was still in Lewisville. Spyderco heaven in this area. Bass pro, Academy, and Cabelas are pretty much no spidey zones. That House of Blades place in Ft. Worth might have some but they will be way too expensive. There was a little knife shop in Willow Bend Mall...
  3. J


    I use my Pacific salt while fishing. I love that I can get mud, water, live bait junk and whatnot on it, and then dunk it in the water and put it back in my pocket without having to worry about rust whatsoever. Yeah it dulls a little quicker, but practically it does everything I ask of it. I...
  4. J

    Endura / Delica update ?

    I'd be ok with the clip, but no go on the choil.
  5. J

    Pacific Salt PE or SE?

    I love my Pac salt PE. My thought was, "yeah the SE might cut better overall and for a bit longer, but it will eventually dull and it will be harder to sharpen than a PE".
  6. J

    Is the Pygmy Warrior over priced?

    I'm In!
  7. J

    Is the Pygmy Warrior over priced?

    What do we suspect the street value on the Perrin be?
  8. J

    Enuff is Enuff

    With the Enuff price tag at just over $100? No way. I was hoping to see the price on it be around $60-70. I saw an early price on the new street bowie around $90. If that's the case I'll be all over one.
  9. J

    2013 Spyderco Catalogs - LIVE

    Digging the Black blade Manix 2 XL and the black handle Manix 2 lightweight. REALLY DIGGING the Street Bowie, Pygmy Warrior and Enuffs.
  10. J

    Bingo Pingo!

    Thanks for this pic. I carry a Dfly 2 every day. Was thinking about getting a pingo as a same size-ish rotator.
  11. J

    Giant anticipation for the Pygmy.

    I do hope it's not too expensive. It looks so bad a$$. ETA?
  12. J

    Giant anticipation for the Pygmy.

    What's the latest on when these will be available?
  13. J

    Manix 2 in S30V - Are they out yet?

    Is this new Manix 2 S30v supposed to be FFG?
  14. J

    3cr VS 8cr13MoV

    Which spydercos are using 3cr?
  15. J

    Amsterdam Meet 2012 Report

    Video of Ulize is awesome!
  16. J

    Amsterdam Meet 2012 Report

    Which means it will be out of my budget then most likely. Bummer. Personally I say keep the street bowie exactly like it is.
  17. J

    All around best Becker for camping

    BK7 No contest.
  18. J

    I Love Spyderco So Much That I...

    I made this decision a long time ago... :)
  19. J

    Amsterdam Meet 2012 Report

    Ulize, Lum tanto fixed an STREET BOWIE for me!!! I've begged for the street bowie to come back for a long time! Hope its within my budget..
  20. J

    Who saw Act of valor?

    I LOVED it. I'm pretty sure that guy had a Spyderco Native clipped to his vest. That's what it looked like to me.